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  ventanas 15:14 12 Nov 2008

Currently with Orange, using a Livebox. This contract comes free with my mobile phone. This offer was actually cancelled some time ago, but they failed to spot it when I renewed the contract.
But I'm a bit fed up with the service I get with the mobiles. One has just packed up and they want £15 to send it for repair. Not really a problem, but there is no temporary replacement phone on offer. So I'm going to drop them at next renewal.
Currently looking at one of the BT packages, but am aghast to see that they also supply Norton IS as part of it. I assume I can refuse this.
And does anyone have any opinions on BT. I would be grateful for this.

  tillybaby 15:22 12 Nov 2008

I've been with BT for years now so that alone must tell you something,

As with any large company there are always bad reports so obviously I can only comment on my own experiences,

At the beginning of this year I had major problems with my connection either dropping out altogether or only connecting for a few minutes. B.T. really did everything they could to correct the fault which turned out to be my land line which they had to completely re-new,

For some reason people complain that the call centres are in India, why I don't know because it's not as though we're paying for the call,if there is a problem with the accent then I just asked if they wouldn't mind speaking a bit slower. Seeing as I have a very broad accent too I think this can work both ways.

  rawprawn 15:29 12 Nov 2008

Hi John, I have been with BT Option 3 up to 8MB Maxfor almost a year now. I get excellent download speeds, I average 6.3MB. I have no experience with their Mobile but I recommend their BB.
I changed from Tiscali and could not believe the difference.
Yesterday I was showing a download speed of 8.8MB but that was the exception, and I live within 100 meters of the village exchange.

  rawprawn 15:31 12 Nov 2008

Just tested now at 6742kbps

  ventanas 15:36 12 Nov 2008

Hi Dennis, thanks very much, and thanks also to tillybaby.
Support was what I was concerned about, but I suppose when you think about it, Orange aren't that bright anyway. But their second line does give worldwide free landline calls anytime. Not that I ever use it.
I think I'll have a serious look at Option 3.
Thanks again.

  ventanas 15:37 12 Nov 2008

Sorry Dennis, but can I ask - do I have to take the Norton?

  rawprawn 15:50 12 Nov 2008

No,It's a Download offered by their Security. I run Kaspersky free from Barclays Online Banking.

  ventanas 15:51 12 Nov 2008

Thanks Dennis. I've got Kaspersky as well. Hardly know it's there.

  rawprawn 16:42 12 Nov 2008

OK John good luck with BT

  rawprawn 17:36 12 Nov 2008

Word of advice, WEP comes as standard security. (or it does on my old v 1.5 you will get the shiny new black router) You need to change it to WPA. If you have any problems changing contact me.

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