change background colour windows XP

  toofy 14:16 13 Sep 2011

I have managed to change the background of Desktop to a colour but would like the screen background to be a colour all the time. Colouraid say this is possible on Windows XP. (My eyes are uncomfortable with a white background)If someone would advise how this can be done I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

  Woolwell 15:51 13 Sep 2011

I'm sorry but I cannot quite work out what you mean. The screen background colour is the desktop colour. But are you meaning the colour in the windows that open?

  toofy 21:09 13 Sep 2011

Hi Woolwell. Sorry if I am not being clear. There is a condition known as Meares-Irlen syndrome: sufferers find it easier to read books etc which are printed on coloured paper instead of white. Likewise reading text on a pc screen is easier if the background is coloured. The preferred colour varies from person to person. I find it helpful if anything I read has a green background. Is it possible to change the screen on my pc so that whenever I am reading text, the background will be a colour ( a shade of green, in my case) Hope this helps. Thanks for your trouble

  Woolwell 22:14 13 Sep 2011

My sympathies. I suggest that you set your desktop background to a green colour (which I think you have done) and then set the window colour also to be green see MS How to change appearance. It should be window colour that you want. This may not work with all programs and you may have to change some of your settings in the browser to get a green background.

  lotvic 22:28 13 Sep 2011

rightclick on a blank part of Desktop, choose Properties | Appearance tab | click on the 'Advanced' button | Item dropdown box - choose 'Window' and change the colour.

Have a play with the other options

  toofy 20:04 14 Sep 2011

Thank you Iotvic & Wombwell. I now have a background color for the MS programs. However the pages of others' websites (my bank, online newspapers, pcadvisor etc) are still white. Is the background color for any incoming pages set by the sender? Perhaps I have misunderstood things and it is not possible to have a PC set so that all pages have a background colour regardless of what the sender uses? Thanks again for your help.

  Woolwell 21:30 14 Sep 2011

As I stated in my previous post you may have to change some settings in your browser too. If you are using Internet Explorer then go to Tools - Internet Options and then on the General tab - under Appearance click on Colors - then untick use windows colours and set the colours that you want. This should work but perhaps not with all sites.

  toofy 10:13 16 Sep 2011

Thanks Woolwell. I use Moz Firefox but doubtless the same procedure applies. I will follow your advice after the weekend. (Car to get ready for MOT & some research on car insurance has to be given priority just now.) Thanks again.

  Woolwell 12:37 16 Sep 2011

In Firefox - it's tools - options and then the content tab - colours and untick allow pages to use their colours. You can also select the colours you want.

  toofy 16:27 02 Oct 2011

Sorry to take so long to thank evryone for their help. I 'found' the item which was allowing users to dictate what background colour they wanted & removed the option. Thanks again. It is so much more restful to read with a colored background.

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