change administrator windows 8.1laptop

  tonyq 13:12 07 Dec 2014

Hi my son recently bought a Toshiba laptop Windows 8.1, which I set up for him. When setting it up I used my Microsoft account. Not thinking at that moment it made me the administrator, I then made an account for my son which I believe is not a administrator. Is it possible to change this making both accounts an administrator?,or what would be the best thing to do? and how to do it. Thanks in advance.

  Gordon Freeman 15:54 07 Dec 2014

Google: change admin a/c win 8.1

This site won't let me post you the answer as it thinks it's spam, but try the 1st or 2nd google result at 'softwareok'

  tonyq 13:45 08 Dec 2014

Thank you both for your help, will hopefully use your advice the next time we are at his house.

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