championship manager?

  Tk_RiceZ 00:42 09 Nov 2003

hey there, i have this problem with championship manager 01/02, yes i know its old but i like it better than the new one, anyway to the point, i have windows xp pro, p4 3.4 gigz,1GB DDR333 RAM ati 9700 all in wonder VPU.
anyway when i install the game, i can not run it, everytime i run it, a problem occurs and asks me to send the problem (cm01_02.exe has occured a problem...)

Any help anyone........

  [email protected] 00:48 09 Nov 2003

try that update patch for it

click here

  Tk_RiceZ 01:02 09 Nov 2003

got that time ago, same persistent erro occurs, thanks anyway.......anyone else???????

  [email protected] 01:13 09 Nov 2003

have you tried compatability mode

as i have had this game running on xp

1.. Right click on the shortcut to the program.
2.. Click on Properties.
3.. Click on the Compatibility tab.
4.. Click on Run this program in compatibility mode and select one of these:

a.. Windows 95

b.. Windows 98

c.. Windows NT 4

d.. Windows 2000

5.. Under Display settings, check mark the mode that you think that is best:

a.. Run in 256 colors.

b.. Run in 640 X 480 screen resolution.

c.. Disable visual themes.

Click on Apply.Click on Ok.Double click on the program.

try windows 98 compatibilty mode!

unless you have already tried that]

like i said it works on my xp machine

  Tk_RiceZ 01:43 09 Nov 2003

tried it, all possible combinations and same problem,you got xo home or pro?????

  lpl56407 06:33 09 Nov 2003

What is the full error message please?

  FRANKMAC 10:15 09 Nov 2003

I had this problem too, it turned out to be a problem with memory, some games will not run on xp pro if u have more than 512 mb ram,
there was a patch on the Eidos web site , but i never did manage to get the game to work, ended up buying CM4.(for xp)

I also tried running in compatability mode but that didn't work either.

Good luck.

  Tk_RiceZ 11:17 09 Nov 2003

cm01_02.exe has encoutered a problem, close the program blah blah blah.
then asks me if i want to send the error report to microsoft to help them solve the problem.

so if i take 1 slot of ram out, it might work????????

  [email protected] 11:53 09 Nov 2003

i doubt that!

all computers are different ,even if they have the same specification, they will have a differnet configuration.

it probably will never work on your system but may work on others.

thats computers for you

it works on mine and i have xp.

doesn't matter if you have xp home or pro they are both the same,in terms of what the game recognizes.

not a very helpful answer but i feel there is some truth in it..

  Tk_RiceZ 11:58 09 Nov 2003

argh!!!!!!! so nothing i can do to play that game, dumbass eidos!!!!! should update champ4 is slow and sluggish and i don't really like it as it takes too much time, don't you think??????

anymore help anyone?????????

  lpl56407 13:45 09 Nov 2003

My son had similar problem when I changed to XP.
Not much help I know but, eventually, I deleted a .dll file and it worked. BUT I cannot remember how we arrived at this .dll or which one it was. Maybe this will jog someone else's memory

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