Chaintech 7VJDA - Won't Boot

  big kev 13:38 11 Jul 2004

My mate has just done his first heatsink installation and can't now boot up, he's getting continuous long beeps, about 3/4 seconds in duration.

He's got a Chaintech 7VJDA, Akasa AK-821 2Q Silent CPU Cooler and some Arctic Silver 5, together with his XP1800. The fan is working ok on the heatsink and he's just bought a new XP1900, which is working, so the cpu doesn't seem to be the problem.

He hadn't moved the graphics card, nor memory when these beeps started. I've got him to reseat the card and memory, trying all slots, but the beeping continues.

I've also got him to clear CMOS, but this has had no effect either.

I can't find any information on the Chaintech website, which seems pretty poor to me.

He was getting temps of 58, whilst the pc was idle, so it was my idea to upgrade the heatsink, could it be a dying cpu?

Any ideas out there please, as I'm doing all this over the dog and bone and he's starting to panic.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:22 11 Jul 2004

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