Chaintech 7AIA5 Mobo

  Paisley 18:21 21 Nov 2004

I am trying to put together a ew pc with this mobo and have multiple error messages,
1. Primary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed.
2. Floppy drive fail.
3. No keyboard present/keyboard error

As yet have no operating system installed please help.

  Dorsai 18:33 21 Nov 2004

1. This sounds like the IDE cable is the wrong type.

2. The floppy, just unplug it, and worry later, who uses floppy drives these days anyway?

3. If a USB keyboard, the system may well not detect it till all up and running, and it wont go that far. IF USB, i would diable 'halt on keyboard error' in the bois.

The main hurdle, the IDE one, make sure that the cable is the right way round both ends, and the right type (80 conductor).

The red tracer on the cable should go to pin one on the mobo, and pin 1 on the drive, and the drive should be set via it's jumpers correctly, but how may depend on the drive. Options are parked (rarely found), master (MA) or cable select (CS).

  Paisley 18:44 21 Nov 2004

have tried another ide cable but still get same error message, cable is correct way round, the keyboard is not usb and we cant get further than the error screen to go into bios any other ideas?

  Dorsai 19:07 21 Nov 2004

Unplug the drive, unplug the Floppy. It cant error about them then.

As you have another keyboard, the one you are using now, try it.

  Paisley 19:12 21 Nov 2004

floppy and ide cable sorted, have tried other keyboard problems seems to be with the port is there any way rouns this? can you get a ps2-use convertor or do i need a usb keyboard?

  Dorsai 19:15 21 Nov 2004

Ok so the cable was the wrong way round. Like i suggested click here

  Dorsai 19:17 21 Nov 2004

The plug on the board for the keyboard could be duff. Do you have access to a USB keyboard?

If so, try it.

But i would still disable 'halt on keyboard error' in the bios. JUst to see if it works anyway.

  Dorsai 19:19 21 Nov 2004

or, as PS2 mouse and PS2 keyboard plugs identical, have you plugged the mouse into the keyboard socket, and vice versa?

  Dorsai 19:24 21 Nov 2004

Now resolved, Guess that 19:19 was it then.

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