Chainsaw help, please

  Graham. 15:45 13 Apr 2010

Not strictly PC, but the picture uses computers.

I have bought a small chainsaw to remove a tree stump. The chain came off, and after putting it back on (and tensioning) it doesn't seem to cut so well. So I turned it over, and it still doesn't cut very well.

Can you look at this picture click here - this is the bottom of the saw, the chain runs left to right towards the motor and the operator. Should the teeth be facing the other way?

  EARLR 16:24 13 Apr 2010


  BRYNIT 16:33 13 Apr 2010

If it is moving from bottom left to bottom right the chain looks as though it is on the wrong way. The two pointy teeth at the sides of the picture look as though they should be pointing forwards so they can rip into the wood.

  BRYNIT 16:35 13 Apr 2010

Should have said pointing in the direction the chain is traverling.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 13 Apr 2010

Make sure that the sharp cutting edge faces away from the saw on the top of the bar and back to the saw at the bottom of the bar.

click here

  Graham. 17:19 13 Apr 2010

It's on the wrong way. I'll change it again in the morning.

  Diemmess 17:30 13 Apr 2010

Two associated thoughts.

1) As far as you can, avoid any contact with the soil. Soil will dull the edge in a second or two.

2) When the blade loses its sharpness, do have it re-ground.
For me I take it to a local tool hire shop. They are fast, reasonably priced and a sharp blade will make all the difference. Less wear on the rest of it and streets ahead of anything I have been able to do with a file and sharpening guide

  Strawballs 18:15 13 Apr 2010

Please tell me you have the correct PPE as chainsaws can be very dangerous in untrained hands the law is a bit silly over them as you can buy one without a licence but not hire one without the hire firm seeing it.

  Graham. 19:35 13 Apr 2010

Noted. Hopefully, once this stump is gone I shan't need it again!

Strawballs, I have a helmet, gloves and safety glasses, thanks for asking.

  bobbybowls 19:47 13 Apr 2010

you should be wearing the proper trousers or leggings as well, plus the correct boots.

  woodchip 20:52 13 Apr 2010

one nut holds the bar near to motor then look down the bar at the motor you should see tension screws you need to screw these in a bit with the bolt just loose so the bar can move, do not over tighten the chain. then re-tighten bolt

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