CHAIN MAIL!!!! Received by 11 Yr Old Girl!!

  Mo H 23:18 04 May 2004

The following is a transcribe of a message recieved by my 11 yr old daughter. She was very concerned and it frightened her. I have reassured her all is well and that she should not open mail from hom she does not recognise. Anyway, she now knows but ......

Is there a way of reporting this kind of mail to awatchdog or something?

Email read:

eLLo my name is jenna.....i am 7 years old with black hair and red eyes. i have no nose or ears.... i am dead. if you do not send this 15 people in the next 5 minutes i will appear tonight by your bed with a knife and kill you.. this is no joke Something good will happen to u 2nite at 9:22. This is not a joke some1 will either call u or will talk to u online and say that they love u. do not break

LIVE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  mgmcc 23:26 04 May 2004

You could print out a copy and take it to your local police station, but the printout would have to include the full internet headers, not just the body of the message.

In Outlook Express, for example, right click the message in the list and select Properties. Click the Details tab and then the "Message Source" button. You need to print the entire contents of that Window (it could be copied/pasted into Notepad or Word and printed out).

  johnnyrocker 23:31 04 May 2004

the mail will have been sent via an isp click on the details of the mail and advise [email protected] they are quoting the mail addy and they have a duty to sort it, however on the other side of the coin i would ask how someone that age actually manages to get to places where her e mail addy can be found by those sort of people.
ps tis a well intentioned post and not derogatory in any way


  Mo H 23:31 04 May 2004

Have clicked on properties but sender was id'd as "GUESS WHO"

there are a couple IP Addresses bu am not sure which is the senders

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:34 04 May 2004

I wouldn't worry about it as it sounds like some other child messing about and sending one of the hoax chain mails that used to be popular about 15 years ago. 'i am 7 years old with black hair and red eyes. i have no nose or ears'....should be easy to point out at an identity parade then.


  Robotic_Rob 23:35 04 May 2004

I think its one of those things you cant do anything about. Millions of people send things like that. Unless we all want to pay for email accounts and have someone or something to read through them all. Then we cant do jack about it.

Your daughter will know who that email is off. She might not know it but she does. I only recieve stuff like that off friends, i have never had such an email off any one i dont know.
Someone that doesnt like her might of found out what her email address is and decided to be nasty. As i also havnt had it that nasty either, usually it say i will have bad luck with something.

You could always ask the school your daughter goes to or ask other perents.

  Mo H 23:36 04 May 2004

not taken in derog way. However, what are these places you mention. She normally goes on Johhny Depps web site, Travel places and neopets!!! I have looked at her history and can see nowt to worry about.

  Mo H 23:40 04 May 2004

Thanks all for advice. Bit late now anyway as have not seen any little black haired, red - eyed dead girls with a knife in her bedrooom this evening (got to laugh it off i suppose!!!)

So thanks all

  johnnyrocker 23:42 04 May 2004

no prob me not realising that these nutters would frequent these sort of sites, as being an oldie tis a part of the net world unvisited by myself so unaware of poss probs, in hindsight it does pose a serious threat to our younger family members and all instances should be (if the source can be identified) reported in the strongest possible terms as the creeps that no longer have certain chat room accesses may well traverse to sites like you have mentioned and i think any responsible person has an obligation to highlight which before tonight was an unknown potential problem i was unaware of.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:26 05 May 2004

Letters similar to the above used to be passed round school when I was a kid (60's) although, AFAIK, there was no Internet then and someone stuffing a grubby chain letter in one's equally grubby mitt tended to narrow down the list of suspects.

At the time I would have not labelled the kids as creeps 'though time seems to have confirmed this in some cases ;-)). I can confirm that my soul was not eaten by a mad ghoul nor was I spirited away by a multi-headed ogre, smelling of rotting fish (the ogre not me). To the best of my knowledge I was not pursued by zombies and the ghosts of the undead due to my laziness or embarrassing and spectacularly incompetent methods of passing on these chain letters.


ps.....I'll put my money on a spotty yoof in her class who has a crush on her but has been told to naff off, have regular showers, use Clearasil, refrain from keeping a mouse in his locker and to grow up as young ladies do not go out with kids.

  Daveson 00:37 05 May 2004

whoever that is, is one sick sick person.

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