CGI problem

  inspector gadget 11:28 08 Feb 2004

I am trying to get a free cgi counter to work seems simple but it has come up with the error [MC Error: Error determining file] the program is multicount which I got from click here any Ideas folks I am a cgi newbie

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:31 08 Feb 2004

I dont know what a cgi file is or does ,but the error suggests it cant find the path to the file it needs or the file is missing.


  inspector gadget 11:44 08 Feb 2004

quick responce but it is running the script ok from the web page it may be a problem with permissions in the directory I am looking into this

  Forum Editor 11:50 08 Feb 2004

to the WebDesign forum - you'll get plenty of help there. 14:10 08 Feb 2004

did you create the site with?

  jgosden 21:03 08 Feb 2004

put the link to where your counter is on the site

  inspector gadget 07:15 10 Feb 2004

click here is the page I was trying to get it to work on. I am trying to get 2 different counters to work but no luck with either. I have put the output directory in a folder in the cgibin could this be a problem ??

  inspector gadget 21:25 10 Feb 2004

I have moved the output directory out of the cgibin but this has made no differance to the result. The scripts seemed so easy to use only a few changes to be made to get them running, or so I thought! Any suggestions would be helpful.

  Forum Editor 23:43 10 Feb 2004

that the first line of your script was modified to show the path to Perl on your host's server? If you don't so this the script won't work.

On a Unix server the default path will normally be:


A Windows IIS server doesn't need a path, it will automatically execute scripts with the .pl extension.

  inspector gadget 00:17 11 Feb 2004

click here this could be the same problem as I am also with I have tried the change the file permissons to no avail. I am on a windows server as I was unsure about unix. Total webhosting newbie. I will get in touch with streamline to see if this is my problem.

Thanks for all the advise


  Forum Editor 00:24 11 Feb 2004

you might need to set the path to Perl. For instance:


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