CGI-bin on a different server?

  peabody 23:18 17 Dec 2004

I manage a website where the web-hosting service does not provide CGI-BIN (or any server-side scripting) support. The client requires a form to be set up which I had planned to process using the perl script FormMail which requires cgi-bin facility to run.
I, however, have my own web-hosting on a server with cgi-bin support.
Would it be possible to set the client's form up to use FormMail running on my server? Or must it be on the client's own server? Thanks for your help.

  Taran 23:47 17 Dec 2004

Formmail has the capability to handle forms from other sites. You need to specify the relevant settings in the script configuration.

An alternative method is to run a form from your own site in an inline frame on the site without CGI support, which can effectively conceal the exact whereabouts of the form page and save you the bother of tweaking the Formmail script at all.

  Forum Editor 01:22 18 Dec 2004

You can indeed use a remote script for your form, but you'll need to add the address to your form tag:-

<form action=http:// put your remote script address here method="post">

(Your other form fields go here. Include your submit buttons at the end.)

Some scripts use method=post and some use method=get so make sure you use the right attribute.

  peabody 10:38 18 Dec 2004

That's great. I particularly like Taran's idea of the inline frame, but will go for whichever I can get to work. Thanks again.

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