cfmon.exe what is it.

  prince midas 17:23 23 Nov 2006

Just lately I find that when I look in my startup manager there is a new file called cfmon.exe & even if I delete it it comes back the following day.I never had this problem previously,what is it doing & do I need it & if not how do I get rid of it?

  Probabilitydrive 17:26 23 Nov 2006

It seems to be a Trojan!! recommendation about action go to click here

  SANTOS7 17:27 23 Nov 2006

click here

all ya need to know here..

  SANTOS7 17:28 23 Nov 2006

OOOPS!! gotta gwet me eyes tested, go with Probabilitydrives answer, i'm off to the opticians..

  Alan H E 17:28 23 Nov 2006

Google says it is Randex trojan - use a squared or some other malware remover asap.

  Alan H E 17:29 23 Nov 2006

Late again!

  Probabilitydrive 17:31 23 Nov 2006

its a cfmon.exe process and NOT the Ctfmon.exe.
Malware uses similar writings to fool us mortal into thinking the world is a fuzzy and warm place..Dont be fooled.

  Coff 17:32 23 Nov 2006

If cftmon.exe has only started up after installing IE7 go into Contol Panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages, Details, Advanced. Put a tick in "Turn off advanced text service", click OK.

  Coff 17:36 23 Nov 2006

Sorry, that should read ctfmon.

  SANTOS7 17:41 23 Nov 2006

click here
There are some detailed instructions here on how to be rid of this but it includes deleting items in the registry which should be not attempted without a BACKUP..

  prince midas 10:49 24 Nov 2006

I have checked & my machine is clean of viruses,trojans & spyware.

I did as Coff suggested & used the control panel method which worked fine. Thanks everyone,my machine as been updated to IE7 which must have put the file on my computor.

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