CF, MMC and SD cards ???

  Tim1964 17:19 18 Oct 2003

I looking into getting a digital camcorder and have narrowed the choice down to two. The specs and prices are the same so the deciding factor is the memory storage.
One uses Compact Flash cards and the other SD and/or MMC cards.
I have found a 256Mb CF card for £40 and a 512MB CF for £80, but a 256Mb SD card is £60.

My question is, in simplish(!) terms, what's the difference between the formats? for e.g. if the capacity of the cards is the same, what's the reason for the price difference and are 512 SD/MMC cards available?


  ton 17:26 18 Oct 2003

I think the CF cards are used in a lot more devices, therefore more are made and the demand is higher.

  ton 17:29 18 Oct 2003

I think CF 256mb. is about £35 at click here

  Tim1964 17:45 18 Oct 2003

The CF cards I found the cheapest were from Amazon (see ad on right side of page) but if the P+P on 7day shop is OK then that's another option.

  ton 17:47 18 Oct 2003

P&P 95p at 7dayshop, occasionally they do it free for a few days.

  Tim1964 14:55 19 Oct 2003

Has anyone a link to a site that could clarify the differences between the cards?

  jospar 21:52 21 Oct 2003

I use SD cards for my digital camera, I can also use the MCC as well, both these cards are the same physical size/shape.

The difference between the two are speed at which data can be loaded/transfered. The SD card is far the faster out of the two

I am not sure weather the CFF would faster, but it will be of different shaped/or size than SD/MCC.

Mostly cards are based on what they manufacturer decides they want to use, so there are several different types, with SD becoming more popular, with the price for the cards slowly coming down.

You will also find that the price for what seems to be the same card different as well, this is very much like ram on your p.c, higher the price the better and quicker the card.

hope this helps, even though it is a late addition.

  accord 21:58 21 Oct 2003

i use SD cards in my digi camera and as a bonus they fit in my Toshiba PDA, fantastic.

I bought a belkin SD card reader for file transfers aswell.

at the end of the day its horses for courses.

  accord 22:01 21 Oct 2003

click here to tell you all about memory cards

  Tim1964 20:46 27 Oct 2003

Time to do some shopping methinks.

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