certain images not opening

  Analyst02 11:15 26 Jul 2004

I find that certain images or shortcuts to clips dont appear on some sites that i goto like the BBC, Lycos. even a bubblegum doll site for my daughter.
The sites come up ok, But then the window where the image or clip should appear to take you to the game comes up blank with a little box in top lefthand corner.

All was fine a few weeks ago.

I run Mcafee personal firewall with AVI antivirus. never had a problem before.

Have checked the security settings in internet options all seem ok and even tried going back to default all to no avail.

any help much appreciated


  Analyst02 11:48 26 Jul 2004

thinking that the clips that dont appear might be flash movies, indeed one of them is, It says goto macromedia and install flash player 6.

Although i have this installed i thought it might be corrupt or something.. so i click on the link to install it again .. the link takes me to macromedia and i click on the install button for flash player. In the next screen the same thing happens again. the web image has disappeared to be replaced with a blank box, with a red/blue/green box in the top lefthand corner.. whats going on ... helllllp

  Analyst02 12:22 26 Jul 2004

I have tried it in both xplorer and aol browers .. still the same.

help.... any help........ any at all......

  Wak 15:34 26 Jul 2004

Have you updated Microsoft lately???
Internet Explorer houses various plug-ins from programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Flash players which allow other programs to be inserted into or used by IE.
If you update IE through microsoft then the update often removes these plug-ins and the original program ( Adobe, etc.) has to be re-installed in order to replace the plug-ins.
I hope this will help.

  Analyst02 15:51 26 Jul 2004

cheers Wak ... will try that.

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