Certain Games Crashing WiFi Driver?

  Michael Abdo 10:57 23 Aug 2018

Hi there, I've been having trouble with my WiFi adapter lately. I'm using the ASUS USB-AC55 and it's done a very good job until just recently. For all purposes other than connecting to specific game servers, it's totally fine. However, if I try to launch Fortnite or For Honor neither game works, and my wifi driver crashes.

Fortnite will load the launcher, but as soon as it tries to connect to the server to join a lobby or do anything in-game it crashes my WiFi. The game itself does not crash.

For Honor will load the game, and get to the "PRESS ANY KEY" screen. Once I do, it does the 'contacting server' thing indefinitely. Eventually uPlay tells me the game failed to connect, and when I look at the taskbar, sure enough, driver died. I have tried updating the driver. I tried setting up port forwarding for both games, but I incorrectly assigned the localport which stopped my machine from connecting to the internet at all so I have to roll those back. Any ideas?

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