Certain E.Mails going straight into my deleted ite

  runnerpete 13:16 03 Apr 2006

Could anyone let me know why a small percentage of emails that I receive are going straight in to my deleted items folder rather than my inbox.
For some reason, included within this small percentage is ordinary email that I receive from my brother-in-law. Everything he sends me goes direct to my deleted items folder. Nothing he sends to me ever goes straight into my inbox

  VoG II 13:17 03 Apr 2006

Is this in Outlook Express? Have you set-up any mail rules?

  terryf 13:19 03 Apr 2006

Have you set up some mail message rules? If so, review them. I once set up a'spam filter' if not a'e'i'o'u in subject then send to deleted which was fine until a friend forgot to put a subject and it went straight to deleted

  terryf 13:20 03 Apr 2006

VoG snap :-)

  runnerpete 14:07 03 Apr 2006

Guys, thanks, its Outlook express6.
Have just checked where you suggested, and ive discovered several hundred "blocked senders " not one of ive ever heard off or done anything with. So where have all these come from.
BUT, hidden amonst them all was my brother in laws address, which ive now removed.
Could it be something to do with Wanadoo, my isp, and they filtering what they think is SPAM.

  pj123 14:31 03 Apr 2006

I am on NTL Broadband and get exactly the same thing. I get lots of spam in my Inbox but some (wanted) emails go straight in to my Deleted box.

I have no Message rules set. I just accepted that it might be NTL using a spam filter which isn't actually working properly?

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