a+ cert question need help understanding

  akaray 17:24 30 Mar 2008

so i'm studying for the A+ and i come across this question, which i know the answer, but don't understand????

You are the desktop engineer in Telesoft Corporation. Angela has joined the organization as a customer care executive . You have to install Windows XP professional on a new computer for Angela. The hard disk drive has a single FAT 32 partition.

Which procedure would you not follow to start the installation?

a. Boot the computer with Windows XP professional upgrade CD-ROM.

b. Boot the computer with Windows XP Professional bootable CD-ROM.

c. Boot the computer with Windows XP boot disks.

d. Boot the computer with Windows 98 startup disk.

the answer is a. i don't understand why though.

somebody please explain.

  woodchip 17:27 30 Mar 2008

because upgrade needs another operating system on the drive like xp

  Fingees 17:54 30 Mar 2008

I don't understand why you would use an upgrade on a new PC.

The answer I would pick would be b.

If a, then theoretically it should already have had another system on it previously, like xp as stated.

If it hasn't had another system previously, then it is against the conditions to install an upgrade disk

  brundle 17:56 30 Mar 2008

The thinking's right, but the answer's still A - "Which procedure would you /not/ follow to start the installation?"

  akaray 18:29 30 Mar 2008

so is it because it is a new computer, that the upgrade option must be ruled out automatically because a new computer automatically implies that there was no previous operating system?

and if that is the case. why is windows 98 startup disk an option? i would really like to clear this up, so i have a firm understanding. thanks for everybody's help.

  brundle 18:37 30 Mar 2008

The other three options can be used to install an operating system on any system, the first one can only be used if there is an OS already present to upgrade from.

  anskyber 18:44 30 Mar 2008

Could it be that as an organisation you have a corporate license which will allow for an upgrade when the license code is inserted?

  VoG II 18:47 30 Mar 2008

See Method 2 click here

  brundle 18:49 30 Mar 2008

akaray; Don't worry too much about the other answers, just because they're not wrong doesn't mean they're 100% right if you get me - they have to put something in to make it multiple choice after all. If you can pinpoint the one answer you know is what the question is getting at, that's enough. Don't think about it more than you need to.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 30 Mar 2008

Its the NOT thats causing the confusion.

As the drive is FAT32 then all methods work EXCEPT A which needs to see a previously installed system to upgrade from.

  anskyber 19:24 30 Mar 2008

Well spotted.

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