Centrino and Wireless and LAN and Confusion

  powerless 10:17 20 Dec 2003

I hope to:

Connect to the internet on my new Laptop (woohoo) via wireless technology. (it has that Centrino built in)

I also hope to connect my desktop via an ethernet connection.

This way both computers can connect to the internet at the sametime and share files. The Desktop will not move so a cabled connection should be OK.

As I want to move about the house and the garden I want to take advantage of the Centrino.

Now I am on Freeserve Broadband and as space will be a 'bit of an issue' [don't ask] I want to buy a Router with a built in modem, that has wireless and Ethernet capabilities.

Now I do not have a NIC for my desktop and I do not have a Wireless router/modem and it must allow an ethernet connection. Does one exsist, and what do you recommend and a recommendation of a NIC would be nice.

BUT! The Centrino as you may know is 802.11b so a Wireless router that has both 802.11b and 802.11g would be nice for the future [see below].

However! Whilst this Wireless talk is all nice I am also thinking of connecting the desktop through the wireless using one those PCI cards or through USB. But which one and are there any real world differences between them?

Taskbar - On the Laptop there are two network connections that are disconnected.

"Wireless Network Connection" - I'm thinking this is the Centrino?


"Local Area Network" - I'm thinking this is to do with the RJ-45 connection on the back of the laptop. A built in NIC?

The maximum Distance between laptop and router should be no more than 40 Metres so I think I should get good recption.

The maximum Distance between desktop and router should be no more than 5 Metres so I think I should get EXCELLENT recption.

Opinions welcomed and recommendations on currently installed components will be nice.

Kind Regards,


p.s. Running Widows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1 Installed plus additional updates.

p.p.s Just on the Intel site, pub up the road [George and Dragon] is a Hotspot ;-)) woohoo

  powerless 11:02 20 Dec 2003

What about the NIC, PCI and USB?

  powerless 11:03 20 Dec 2003

Oh i have taken a note of previous posts and a click here from FE to a Netgear product - They seem to be popular!

  powerless 15:58 20 Dec 2003


  powerless 18:01 20 Dec 2003

Well i've since been looking and the Netgear DG834G is just what me needs.

Now what about the PCI or USB for the desktop.

...and NIC card?

and the Centrino should have no problem connecting?

  powerless 23:37 21 Dec 2003

I went to PC World today i they had NETGEAR stuff but not the DG834G so i went online and did the deed as well as NIC card!

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