Centre Picture in Cell of Table

  tonyq 14:37 02 Aug 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to centre pictures in cells of a table Word 2007,without much luck. Help please.

  Woolwell 19:20 06 Aug 2014

Of course on your printer select A5.

  tonyq 20:49 07 Aug 2014

I emailed Canon Support with regards printing using Automatic Duplex,

Part of the reply.

Thank you for your request and for contacting Canon. With reference to your enquiry regarding the printer settings that you want to use with the iP7250, we regret to inform you that using the duplex printing option while having selected the Booklet layout is not available.

When Borderless, Tiling/Poster or Booklet is selected from the Page Layout list, Duplex Printing and Stapling Side appear grayed out and are unavailable.

Could this be the problem?

There was no tick in Duplex but there was a tick in Automatic,I didn't realise it was showing as greyed out.

  Woolwell 07:19 08 Aug 2014

It can be awkward without auto duplex and using manual duplex I have had similar results to you. Regrettably it was trial and error.

  tonyq 09:30 08 Aug 2014

Trial and error it will have to be then.

Thank you all for your help and advice.

  Woolwell 09:42 08 Aug 2014

I did find that printing odd pages only then printing on the reverse side even pages only worked.

I'm not familiar with your printer but when I print a booklet I let my software do it. But my printers don't have a booklet option.

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