Centre Picture in Cell of Table

  tonyq 14:37 02 Aug 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to centre pictures in cells of a table Word 2007,without much luck. Help please.

  Woolwell 19:52 03 Aug 2014

You need A5 not A6. A5 is half A4. I assume that you want a folded booklet.

Start new publication choose Blank Page sizes then choose booklets and then 1/2 A4 booklet 14.8 x 21. It will then prompt to create your 4 pages. Insert your pictures and the booklet is complete until you come to print. It is landscape and ideally should be printed with an auto-duplex printer but manual duplex works ok but involves some trial and error in my experience.

  tonyq 17:28 04 Aug 2014

I have created a 12 page trial A5 A6 when folded booklet in Publisher, with 0.5cm border on the pages, although the last 2 pages are blank and added page numbers at the bottom. I then set up and printed out the booklet on my Canon ip7250 printer which as Auto Duplex. The end result is as follows, pictures are not central and the pages out of order.What could I be doing wrong now? This now seems to be a challenge I don't seem able to win!.

  lotvic 19:44 04 Aug 2014

Printing booklets - don't forget that in addition to any margins you choose, your printer will have a pre-defined print area that you need to take into consideration.

Woolwell has got the booklet thing covered so I'll answer this one:

"how do I print 4 of the A6 documents on a A4 sheet"

A6 = a quarter of an A4 page so, try this and see if it gives you the result you are wanting:

Put all the pics you want to print into a file in My Pictures - Go to your file where the pictures are - Hold down 'Ctrl' and press 'A' so that all 4 pics are selected - hover mouse over one of them and rightclick - Choose 'Print' and the print pictures wizard will open - Choose the 4 pics on page layout on the left - adjust any other settings you want to and click on 'Print'

  Woolwell 19:58 04 Aug 2014

What paper size did you print on and what did you select with the printer? It is useful to do a Print Preview before printing.

  tonyq 17:16 05 Aug 2014

What I thought would be best to do was make a trial Booklet in Publisher,making the booklet A5-(A6 when folded) this would then contain 4pages of the booklet then set the printer to print 2 A5 on one Sheet of A4,hoping this would produce 8 pages of the booklet. I'm sure this sounds complicated!.

I have taken screen shots of the printer set up, and pasted them into a Word document but are unsure how to upload the document to show you them.

  Woolwell 14:36 06 Aug 2014

Sorry for late reply but I have had and still have major broadband problems.

You are making it too complicated. If you set up a folded booklet then the software takes care of how many pages per A4. You needed to use A5 not A6 With your layout the software was expecting to use A5 paper.

  tonyq 16:03 06 Aug 2014


I know how you fee,a couple of weeks ago,we had ours off for 2 weeks first the broadband which BT fixed, which lasted about 10 hrs, then the broadband plus telephone line went off.

This booklet project is doing my head in,lol I've set up a 8 page Test booklet,which prints via duplex on one sheet of A4 I then cut the A4 into 2 A5 pieces then fold to make an A6 booklet.Pages 1&8 are in the correct position,pages 2&7 are upside down,as are pages 4&5, pages 3&6 are ok. What can I be doing wrong?

  tonyq 16:44 06 Aug 2014

"&7 are upside down,as are pages 4&5" should read need rotating 180 degree.

  Woolwell 18:49 06 Aug 2014

It is not expecting you to cut and fold. It should be printing out ready to fold. Your snag is that your are printing on A4 paper for a set up that should use A5. If you cut the paper to A5 to start with then it may well work.

After 36 hours I hope I have broadband back at a good speed.

  tonyq 19:17 06 Aug 2014

Will try that. Thank you.

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