Centre Picture in Cell of Table

  tonyq 14:37 02 Aug 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to centre pictures in cells of a table Word 2007,without much luck. Help please.

  lotvic 16:38 02 Aug 2014

rightclick in the cell (if pic is already in the cell, click on a blank part, don't have the pic selected) - Cell Alignment - and choose the middle one of block of 9 (3x3) displayed

  tonyq 17:31 02 Aug 2014

lotvic, thank you for the reply. I already have the picture in the cell, have tried your suggestion to no avail. I tried deleting the picture selecting centre alignment in the cell then inserting the picture again which did become more central but not exact centre.

  tonyq 18:38 02 Aug 2014

Woolwell, not sure if yours is the same as mine (Word 2007)when I right click I get the option Size but no Position, there is a Position on the ribbon in Picture Tools of which I have chosen Centre and text wrapping through. In the align option I have align centre & align middle. Still the picture does not centre.

  tonyq 19:49 02 Aug 2014

Thank you.

  lotvic 19:55 02 Aug 2014

I have Word 2007 and tested the positioning before posting solution. It works ok on mine and I tested both ways, with the pic in the cell, and without and then inserting the pic after. Also found that it didn't make any diff if pic was selected when I did the Cell Alignment.

Curious why it doesn't work for you.

  lotvic 20:00 02 Aug 2014

Woolwell has a point about the Text Wrapping, so I checked mine and found it was set to 'Inline with Text'. So that must have a bearing on the result.

  tonyq 20:36 02 Aug 2014

Have made a test table with 4 cells each cell 4"x 4" and placed a 3" x 3" test picture in the cell,using centre for cell alignment,and the only text wrapping that places the test picture in the centre is "In line with text".

So if those settings work in the test table why not on the original table?

  tonyq 21:25 02 Aug 2014

No text in the table. I have been able to move the pictures manually this time, but would like to know how to do it for the next time,plus it may help others on the forum having the same problem.

  lotvic 21:34 02 Aug 2014

Take some comfort in fact that we are not alone tussling with this.

I googled 'Word 2007 Table place pic in centre of cell' and seems majority have problems with it. LOL

  lotvic 21:36 02 Aug 2014

Meant to paste a link to the most useful I found ClickHere

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