cemos fault

  Ozy 14:03 06 Feb 2010

Acer Aspire M1610 R01-
Intel Core 2 Duo 7500 2.40Mhtz
B.I.O.S Phoenix Tech
I have posted this before,I am still having trouble.
I know that if I do not switch of at the wall switch, the computer will bootup,
If I switch of at the wall, I get the cemos error screen, and i have to reset the date and time,
I have tried two new batteries, its no different,
I tried removing the memory, one stick at a time, its no different.
The B.I.O.S chip seems to be well seated.
Could it be a faulty motherboard? If so what kind of mother board do I buy
to replace it, is it a 771, 775, 478, 1156, and how do I fit the heat sink.
I have built a few computer, always used Athlon processors they just clip on,
This one is screwed down

  Pamy 15:26 06 Feb 2010

Never seen your post before so, nead more explanation of just what your problem is please.

"I know that if I do not switch of at the wall switch, the computer will bootup,"

Whats all this about?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 06 Feb 2010

Certainly sounds as if CMOS is not retaining data when main power off, this would normally be a battery problem, as you have fitted new batteries I suggest you check that the Clear CMOS (BIOS) jumper on the motherboard is in the correct position as per our motherboard manual.

  Ozy 15:52 06 Feb 2010

the problem is, if i cut the power to the computer
always get the"cemos error Defaults loaded"screen
if i leave the power conected and just shut down the computer it boots normaly

  Ozy 15:59 06 Feb 2010

i have searched the motherboard thoroughly
it has no reset pins or jumper,just a laid flat battery.

  Sea Urchin 16:01 06 Feb 2010

"if i cut the power to the computer"

Are you saying you just "cut the power" while the computer is still on and you get an error? If so I'm not surprised. You should always shut down before switching off the power.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 06 Feb 2010

What motherboard?
Can find by quoting the number printed on the board.

  Pamy 16:09 06 Feb 2010

I would agrea with fruitbat, but as you have changed the battery a couple of times the fault appears to be with the cemos chip. You could live with this by not switching off at the wall.

  Ozy 22:54 06 Feb 2010

i switch the computer off first.
i am 82 and a bit excentric
i have a thing about leaving electric plugs in
the socket, ipull them out before i retire to bed
computer, lamps, tellevision,radio, etc.
i would rather replace the motherboard,than leave it plugged in permanently.so which board do i need
to go with my core 2 Duo
Fruit Bat
it is spcialy made for Acer, i have tried Acer site,there is no driver or manual for this board
the number on the board is N15235.
on google n15235 is not very helpful, just gives you foxconn and sites that want you to sign up with them

  Pamy 10:50 07 Feb 2010

Is this any help to you click here

  retep888 12:20 07 Feb 2010

Is this your motherboard?

click here

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