celeron processors

  braiman 11:24 12 Aug 2003

can someone please explain the main differences between celeron and other processors?

  DieSse 13:03 12 Aug 2003

Celerons are cut down versions of Pentiums. So there is a Celeron that's a cut down version of a P4, another that's a cut down version of a P3, and in the past there was one that was a cut down version of a P2.

What is cut down is the local cache memory, sometimes the FSB speed, and they're always a few steps behind the fastest Pentium speed. however they vary somewhat, dependant on which models are being considered.

As budget processors they are excellent, stable and cool running and very inexpensive.

  dfritter 13:19 12 Aug 2003

Following some recent discussion about the merits of buying a medion computer and where to get them i can report that toysrus have p4,512mb, 120gb,17" TFT for 1099. They are not available on their website for whatever reason? However somebody mentioned that they can be bought from staples but i cannot find them on the website! Is it a conspiracy?
One other thing my computer insists on running scripts everytime i access the web what can i do?

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