CDs Unreadable

  Barrie-212069 15:21 10 Jul 2004

Hi, Can someone out there with better tech minds than mine, help.I have been able to Burn Digital movies to my hard drive and edit them as normal with Roxio software. The problem starts when I come to play them from my combi DVD/Video box (Hitachi DVPF2E to play on my telly, it wont.In the instuction manual under Disc Types to play it highlights the logo (DVD/video) for sound and pictures which I have tried but still cant get the combi box to read them.Any help with this problem I would Appreciate.
Regards BSL

  MichelleC 16:16 10 Jul 2004

Are they dvd's or svcd's, and can you play them on pc dvd rom. I may be type of media you're using DVD-R/DVD-RW DVD+R/DVD+RW.

  SirGalahad2004 18:48 10 Jul 2004

some discs wont play one some dvd's . what blank media are you using ?

  siouxah1 19:20 10 Jul 2004

click here

Have a look here. If you are using DVD+R it reports not compatible and will not play SVCD.

Brian j

  broggs 19:32 10 Jul 2004

look in google/yahoo etc uder dvd hacks.
I had the same problem with my very expensive philips home theatre doing exactly the same.
Sometimes it is just a code you punch into your handset to activate svcd/region 3 dvd/mp3's etc.

there are plenty of free sites out there who list hacks for most dvds.

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