CD's onto portable HD/MP3 player

  nick_j007 22:08 29 Jan 2004

Hello all,

I am expecting a 40gig portable HD soon that will hold my holiday pic's and MP3's/WAV's.
I run XP with WMP9. I know how to get discs onto my PC ok, but I am now wanting to get maybe 70% or so of my CD collection onto my PC and ultimately onto the Cinema Disk HD.
Are there any tips for me, or advice from those that have already walked the walk? I am a bit concerned of being overwhelmed with dis-organised information on my PC's media player.

Thanks in advance,


  ton 00:29 30 Jan 2004

All I can suggest is to make folders on the drive and just copy the files where you want them.

Don't store too many wav's as they are very large. They could easily be converted to mp3.

Also think about file sizes of the mp3's, most people are happy with 128.

Depending on what you want to play the music, if appropriate try converting to wma files as they are about half the size and sound just as good.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:44 30 Jan 2004

An alternative to WMP9 is Apple's iTunes. Really good jukebox and I find it much more flexible that WMP9.

As above, save as MP3 and you will have a good number onto the hdd.

  nick_j007 10:58 30 Jan 2004

Thank you both, it was a typo on my part when I said WAV...I meant WMA! I'm full of cold and not thinking straight...that's my excuse anyway.

Points noted; many thanks.

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