CD's with Photos reading as blank??

  JuniorManc 21:07 10 Oct 2007

I have burned digital photographs on to a number of CDs whilst abroad.

On returning home 2 of the discs just show up as being blank when I put them in my pc (Ive tried them on 2 different pc's and get the same outcome).

I can't believe it! - the wife will kill me!!

I am sure I burned them correctly - Has this happened to anyone else? is there any other checks I can do to see if the CDs really are blank or if it is just an issue with reading the data?

Very grateful for any help or guidance out there

Cheers, Jnr

  tobyb121 21:27 10 Oct 2007

Check wether you have hidden files displayed. Then check the capacity of the disk, if it says 700MB then it is unlikely that they have been burned, if they are less then they have been burned to the disk, but may be corrupted.
Also try them in another computer, as it could be your cd-drive isn't reading them properly for one reason or another.
I don't know if it aplies to cds, but dvds have regions, and if they were bought abroard, they may not be readable in the uk.

  bluto1 21:39 10 Oct 2007

Someone more knowledgeable than I will be along soon. I think it's something to do with electrical standards, but don't have enough info to make an educate guess.
tobyb121's idea to check capacity is very valid. Try it

  woodchip 21:39 10 Oct 2007

If you used a Laptop I would suggest you get a USB 2.5ins Hard drive. So next time you will find them

  hssutton 22:05 10 Oct 2007

I doubt that it's anything to do with standards of any kind, more than likely a fault at the burning stage.

As Woodchip says

I would never consider saving my photos to CD/DVD, I always take a portable hard drive and my laptop, so that I have at least two copies. As I have around 24gb of memory cards quite a lot of photos are also saved on them.

There are numerous portable devices on the market, maybe next time you should invest in one.
click here

  BT 08:19 11 Oct 2007

CD/DVD Diagnostic from click here
Is good diagnostic/recovery software.

  FatboySlim71 08:45 11 Oct 2007

I had a bad experiance once with cd's that contained some pictures; basically I had pictures stored on a cd which was only 1 year old, the next thing was when I went back to read the disc it appeared to be blank, and as such I could not recover the pictures on the disc. Since then I NEVER store pictures on cd.

What I do know is I have all my pictures stored on FLICKR, which is basically a site where you can store all your pictures and also share them with others (if you weant to)

There is two accounts on FLICKR, one is free but it has a couple of restrictions, one been that you have a monthly upload limit to how many pictures you can upload per month. There is also a PRO account which does not have any restrictions and this one costs around £15 a year, which personally I don't find expensive, especially when all your pictures are stored safely on FLICKR. Here's the link to the FLICKR site. click here

  bruno 17:04 11 Oct 2007

Just supposing that you did burn them, I have used a recovery programme to get back some pictures from a memory card which I thought had gone for ever.
click here
When you are in the mire anything is worth a go.It is free.

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