cds to mp3s

  misters 20:22 05 Aug 2003

just wondering if this can be done and how, i want to back up up my cds firstly converting them into mp3s so i can listen to them on my mp3 player, and many cds could i put onto a cdr if they where converted to mp3.
If you understand what i'm trying to do thanx for the help.

  Stevie 20:26 05 Aug 2003

Obtain a programme called audio grabber and then its easy to turn your files into MP3

  steve12345 20:36 05 Aug 2003

You could download the RealOne Player. It can convert CDs to MP3s, plus it will also recognise which CD it is and give the correct names to the Album and Songs.

  misters 20:36 05 Aug 2003

Any idea where i get audio grabber?

  snoresloudly 20:37 05 Aug 2003
  paddyjack 20:43 05 Aug 2003

My prefered one is Cdex try here click here

  misters 21:00 05 Aug 2003

Cheers i will give em a try.

  TommyRed 21:36 05 Aug 2003

This is the music converter I always use click here

  krypt1c 22:32 05 Aug 2003

misters - How many mp3 files you can fit onto a cd depends on the compression rate. For pop / rock 128 is considered the minimum and you'll get circa 10hrs worth of music on a disc. This is a balance between quality / compression.

  Ironman556 22:56 05 Aug 2003

Simple MP3, get it from click here

Very good, very quick, loads of options, converts to loads of formats and back again. It's freeware and you don't get any extra rubbish (programs) that you have to install.

  Ironman556 23:00 05 Aug 2003

You should be able to get 150+ mp3's onto a 700MB cd. But as above, it depends on the quality and the length of the song.

I also find 192 Kbps is the best quality/filesize compremise. 128 Kbps can be a bit tinny/hissy on some MP3's.

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