joe95 14:23 03 May 2004

Ihave recently fitted a new cd-writer and everything seemed to be going well to be going well until I played some of my music cd's.Ihave manually start win media cd with 23 tracks on would only play sixteen and on ly showed 16 on playlist, some cd's which I have compiled myself from my other cd's won't play in cd-writer butwill in dvd player if I use winamp and manually click on each track,also some cd's keep asking for correction to be turned on. Wheres that? cd-writer is MSI CR52-M ATAPI INTERNAL 52X32X52

  stalion 14:26 03 May 2004

did you set the jumper on your new drive Regards

  joe95 14:30 03 May 2004

Yes I did to master.

  stalion 14:42 03 May 2004

is your hd set to slave then Regards

  joe95 14:51 03 May 2004

I don't know I asked a friend and he said set the jumper of the cd to master.
The cd's that won't play in the cd-writer I tried with my earphones plugged in and they play fine??????
and I thought that life would be so easy when I retired never mind.

  stalion 15:03 03 May 2004

did you connect the lead from the cd writer to your sound card Regards (life's never easy with a computer)lol

  joe95 15:07 03 May 2004

No I didn't theres one connected timy dvd player mate said it was okay

  stalion 15:14 03 May 2004

someone will correct me if i am wrong but you can not have your hd and your cd writer both as master your cd writer should be set as slave.If your cd's are playing ok in your dvd player seems like no sound going to your sound card from your cd writer.Regards

  joe95 15:17 03 May 2004

Iam listening to my cd's on my headphones playing in the writer

  stalion 15:22 03 May 2004

try going in to control,settings,select your cd writer,properties,volume Regards

  joe95 15:40 03 May 2004

did that, nothing happened checked the it said nothing on the disc but it was playing and on h/phones. Trying another disc, will play in writer, but not on h/phones in writer but will on h/phones into speakers

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