CDRW and write protect

  Beth 15:51 20 Sep 2003

I've just started using CDRW's for backups. The drive came with Nero software.

The first time I used it the disc ended up being write protected. A quick search on this forum and I found out how to get my disc back but now I need to know how I managed to write protect it and how to avoid doing it again. Any advice would be appreciated.

  seedie 16:14 20 Sep 2003

Did you use InCD for your backups?


  Beth 17:03 20 Sep 2003


Yes. That was what came with the drive.

  The Sack 17:12 20 Sep 2003

InCD doesnt write protect CD-RW and it doesnt offer any option to do so.

  seedie 18:44 20 Sep 2003

It might be better if you used CD-R media and multi session writing.

CD-RW can be troublesome

  krypt1c 18:53 20 Sep 2003

Agree with seedie re. CD-RW. They aren't really intended for long-term storage.

  minter 19:36 20 Sep 2003

Is your disc write protected or does it tell you that a file is "read only" when you try to access it.

Had a problem with the latter, cured it by re-installing InCD.

  Beth 19:57 20 Sep 2003

I don't know what I got up to with this! When I tried to update the backup, the disc kept being ejected and the message was that there was no more room on it. I checked it via 'My Computer' and it showed up as being full, but I know there was less than 50Mb on it. I thought it had been write protected because that appeared on the screen one time while I was roaming around the software trying to find out what was wrong.

What's multi session writing? I thought you could only write to a CD-R once. That's why we got CD-RW's.

  seedie 20:21 20 Sep 2003

A lot of us use Nero. You can write repeatedly to a CDR until it's full. You can't delete anything on it though. I do monthly backups to one - no problem. Get a good quality boxful, not 50p a dozen at the market:0)

  Beth 19:05 22 Sep 2003


I had a look at the software today and I found the bit about multi session. I did notice it before but assumed that it was to do with storing music, so I just ignored it. (If your screen is going pink, don't worry. That's just the reflection from my red face!)

Thanks for the tip about CD-R discs being more stable that -RW's. Lost backups - that doesn't bear thinking about.

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