cdrw should I set it to master or slave

  rasalom 00:24 12 Feb 2003

I'm about to install a cdrw for a friend. I'm going to have to put both the dvd rom and the cdrw on the same channel and I was wondering
should I set the dvd rom as master and the cdrw as slave or is it best to set them the other way around.

  lacker 00:31 12 Feb 2003

CD-RW as master and DVD as slave works just fine for me!

  goonerbill 00:32 12 Feb 2003

dont think it matters. have mine set as slave to my dvd. only thing that ya do have to think about is, does your friend plan on copying cd's "on the fly" as in nero. it will only do this if the cd writer is slave to a hard drive.

  faichfolds 00:33 12 Feb 2003

I agree with lacker, but it doesn't make a whole load of difference

  penny 00:36 12 Feb 2003

Have mine set as slave to DVD, use Nero and copy On The Fly often with no problems.

  grove34 00:40 12 Feb 2003

you can copy on the fly with both drives on the same ide cable aslong as the writer has got burnproof or whatever they call it now.

if it hasn't then put the cd drives on different cables.

saves on the coasters

  lacker 00:42 12 Feb 2003

I think the replies from,Goonerbill,faichfolds,and penny,prove their point,as all the set ups are different,and all work.So it doesn't matter.bit bemused by goonerbill's comment re'on the fly' as I use Nero and have successfully done it with my set up.

  Stuartli 08:57 12 Feb 2003

The accepted way is for the rewriter to be the Master, CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave, DMA set for both and, because you are using Nero, Auto Insert Notification should be disabled as Nero controls the operation of both drives.

If you use the image method (i.e. whatever is being copied is first sent to the HDD), you should ensure the HDD is defragged on a regular basis.

  rasalom 23:42 12 Feb 2003

Thank you all for your replies.

  woodchip 23:47 12 Feb 2003

What worked please

  woodchip 23:48 12 Feb 2003

Sorry wrong thread

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