CDRW questions

  xebec 16:18 27 Mar 2003

I have a new PC with Windows XP and a CDRW drive and a DVD R/RW drive (Sony DVD RW DW U10-A) with should also be CDR/RW compatible as well.

Using a blank CDRW disc each drive seems to treat it as a CDR disc. The files become Read only and cannot be deleted. They cannot be moved only copied.

I was used to using software with Windows 95 which effectively treated a CDRW as a hard disc with drag and drop etc. Am I missing something?

The CDRW discs I already have with files on and MP3s are affected by the above. Is there a compatibility issue between CDRW discs created under 95 and using them with XP? Have I got a fault or am I expecting XP to do something it doesnt do? Is there a software solution?

As I have written this and tried few more things I am wondering it is because the files were read only to start with. Is there an easy way to change the atrtributes of a batch of files before moving to a CDRW?

If any of the above makes sense any help would be appreciated

  stlucia 16:49 27 Mar 2003

A couple of things come to mind -- are you using your old burning software and, if so, has it got an up to date driver for your new drive?

Alternatively, you usually have the option to close a CD or leave it open (to add more data) after you've burned it. Check that your default options settings aren't automatically closing it after burning.

  Duggy60 16:58 27 Mar 2003

Make sure that your writing software options are not set to 'finalise' after writing as this will stop you from adding more data to the disc.
Also something that I am not sure about, but I think you need to format your CD's prior to writing so that you can re-write them later.

  xebec 18:35 27 Mar 2003

The reply from Mesh where I purchased the PC is as follows (Between the asterisks):
2. Blank CDRW media does not seem to be reconised as such by either the CD Rewriter on my system or by the DVDRWriter which errors when a blank disc is inserted. **** Unless you have software like direct CD or Incd on your PC, you will need to use the nero software that was supplied to right CD's. *****

I also have files on CDRW media copied under Windows 95, The drives is treating them as read only. Is there any solution to that? **** As above you may have software on your 95 PC like Direct CD that allows you to drag and drop to a CD if you dont have this software on your XP PC then the disk will be read as READ ONLY.****

I think I was spoiled with my HP CDRWriter under Windows 95. I thought Nero, which is supplied with the PC, was for burning CDRs (I used Easy CD Creator with the other drive). I have not added any software - not sure if it will be compatible/upgradeable for XP.

In '95 the software prompts for a Quick format and after about 3 minutes the disc was ready for writing. I am hoping for something similar under XP.

  Soy (AKA tran1) 19:19 27 Mar 2003

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. You have to format the CD-RW disk before you use it. Otherwise, they'll just come out as read-only and you won't be able to drag and drop things onto it.

I had a program called 'InCD' which i used to format the CD-RWs.

I think you will need to get your hands on software such as InCD or InstantCD.

  flecc 21:55 27 Mar 2003

IN CD comes with Nero and it's the program tyhat enables Drag and Drop.

The equivalent from Adaptec's Easy CD Creator is Direct CD, and it's a versionof that which came with your HP CD Writer and that's why it worked OK.

If you install either Nero with IN CD or Easy CD with Direct CD, you'll get the functions back.

The CD Writing that's included with XP is a different program written especially for it and is part of an ongoing project by Philips, Sony and Microsoft under the codename Mount Rainier to eventually provide a universal system for PCs. For the moment though, it's somewhat limited.

  xebec 09:24 28 Mar 2003

Thank you. The mention of InCD put me on the right track and a closer look at Nero has helped. Thanks for all the help

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