cdrw probs reading tooo fast.

  grabster 20:09 15 Oct 2003

Hi,well i've been having problems with my cd burner.i killed my mitsumi cr-48xete with a bad flash so i bought myself a new lite-on ltr-52327s .
trouble is my original problem remains .
I am unable to copy any cd because my pc reads the source disk at a blistering speed which cant be right as it results in an image file of 16 megs or thereabouts regardless of size or whether the source is protected or not.
The problem cant be specific to my burner because i have removed the mitsumi and the problem persists.
Before i killed my mitsumi my burning speed dropped to a crawl which resulted in my tinkering resulting in a bad flash.
Anyone understand what im trying to get across and maybe help with a solution,i promise not to tinker with it again.

  woodchip 22:00 15 Oct 2003

suspect you are copying disc to disc, not a good idea. Copy to hard drive then copy to CD disc, I think that you are getting errors from vibration of CD's in two drives. If you have had this with old drive then it will more than likely be the drive you have not replaced that is causing errors

  woodchip 22:03 15 Oct 2003

PS the problem with fast drives, DVD or CDRW's is balance of CD disc. That can shatter if the CD is out of balance a lot

  The Sack 22:05 15 Oct 2003

what software are you using?

Congrats on buying the king off all burners BTW :-D

Dont forget the Litey is a light year away from the mitsumi when it comes to performance in every department. (although that doesnt solve owt i know)

  The Sack 22:07 15 Oct 2003

the liteon has a pretty good vibration system in place, a disc will only shatter if it is damaged to start with :-)

  Ironman556 22:27 15 Oct 2003

Have you tried reading to an image file in your new drive, then burning. If that works ok then your other drive is at fault. If not then you've got a problem somewhere else; have you checked cables and drive settings etc.?

  grabster 22:30 15 Oct 2003

Strewth,,, i never copy 'on the fly' only to hd and i've never had a wobble problem and i am using nero which is fully compatible with every drive ive had.
I uninstalled all my other burning s/ware ,Alc 120,clone cd but the problem persists.
I tried everything i could think of,updated the aspi layer,screwed around with the firmware :o(
.Im happy to have another litey but the mitsumi that came with my setup never gave me no grief till i upped the firmware and ultimately killed it with the bad thinking now of having a day or two backing up and doing a reformat cos over the last year my pc has became chokka with junk but id rather not be too drastic though.Any more thoughts anyone ???

  woodchip 22:39 15 Oct 2003

Does the new drive sound noisy, if it does swap it

  Ironman556 22:40 15 Oct 2003

May be a problem with remains of other programs left over. A format won't take long once yu've done it once, just back up email, adress book, files, favourites to 2nd hdd or cdr (assuming you can write from hdd ok?) it'll do the system good to be cleared out, it can be a pain re-installing and doiwnloading porograms & updates again but it's worth it. Don't forget to download the patch to avoid blaster if you're not on 98 and put it on floppy for use before you connect to the net again.

  gregori 22:45 15 Oct 2003

I had a similar problem and have posted a plea for help myself. See "CD-ROMs at Various Speeds?".

Have you tried getting Nero to read at a lower speed?

  grabster 23:00 15 Oct 2003

Well the new drive comes out with noisy bursts here and there ,a wee bit noisy but livable with,dont think is out of the ordinary though...
i've changed the read speed up and down to no avail but i notice the write speed is shown as 16x, 8x ,4x, same as with the mitsumi in its final days...maybe that sheds some lite-on 'oh dear' the subject ?
Checking the other thread now...

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