Cdrw not working

  Bagsey 09:02 05 Oct 2003

Having just got my desktop computer back from Mesh I find that although the DVD reader and the CDrw drives read disks I am unable to write to CD. When trying I get the message that some DLLs are wrong?? This really means nothing to me and would be very pleased to have some advice on how to correct this problem. I am very reluctant to allow Mesh to have my machine for another 6 weeks.

Machine Mesh 1900 XP
Ram 1 gig.
Windows XP home

Oh yes and I am not getting any sound either.

  pinka 09:17 05 Oct 2003

make sure you have the sound drivers installed , and do you have your windows disk as you may have to repair to get the dll's back .

  Bagsey 11:52 05 Oct 2003


  richierich 14:31 05 Oct 2003

Been running the above to watch dvd movies ok on 2 PCs, installed it on 3rd and when starting it up it reports "cannot construct filter graph"
any ideas what this means.
all systems running win2000

  richierich 14:37 05 Oct 2003

sorry about the above irrelavant posting, imeant to start a new thread sorry.

  Rayuk 14:41 05 Oct 2003

If you are using 3rd party burning software have you tried uninstalling it then reinstalling plus see if there are any updates for it.

  Bagsey 21:51 05 Oct 2003

Is there no one that has any clues to offer on my CDRW problem. I would HATE to have to go back to Mesh.Cheers and thanks in advance

  smegs 23:40 05 Oct 2003

It sounds like a Software problem. Try doing what Rayuk has said. Sound problem, Make sure Ur sound isn't muted. Control Panel-Sounds & Audio Devivces-Volume Tab- In Device Volume, Advanced button-The Play Control come up, Make sure none R Muted.

  woodchip 23:55 05 Oct 2003

Have you any separate Burning software like NERO etc if so load that far better than XP

  woodchip 00:03 06 Oct 2003

NERO 5.5 £14 inc vat and p&p click here

  Simsy 09:31 06 Oct 2003

I just lokked at that site, woodchip. Though the price for Nero might be good, have you seen some of the other prices...

Drive Image 2, yes 2, £27.00!!! Partition Magic 7 is £57.00!! It wasn't that much when it was current!



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