CDRW just fitted..Win 98 not accessing

  Cleton 18:01 11 Jun 2004

Just replaced CDROM in Win 98 system, with TXvenus CDRW..but windows message says...
"D: is not accessable device not ready"

So (yes I'm a novice) I tried to find drivers to download, but couldn't find tx venus listed on the sites I tried. I am on slow dial up and 28meg ram machine, and desperate to get family photos off hard drive and on to disc.

Would appreciate simple instructions please.


  keith-236785 18:15 11 Jun 2004

check that the jumper on the back of the cdrw is set to slave you may have to take out the drive and turn it over to see where master/slave is [generally you have three options, SLAVE or SL, MASTER or MS & CABLE SELECT or CS](if it is on the same cable as your hard drive. master if it is on its own ide cable (wide ribbon cable), make sure you have connected the cable correctly (red strand of the IDE cable should go next to the power plug).

and make sure the bios sees it on startup

should say on the black screen at boot up

Primary Master Hard Drive Maxtor (or whatever yours is)

primary slave CDRom drive.

if it doesnt then come back and let us know.

good luck.

p.s. 28meg ram is a tiny ammount to run windows with. if you can, get some more memory even if its only up to 32 meg.

  Diemmess 18:40 11 Jun 2004

I hope it you made a typing error, because 28Mb of RAM is almost unworkable............. If you can beg borrow or steal some more anything up to 10 times that amount will transform the speed of your machine.
Beyond 256Mb is less and less benefit/cost.

  Ellaine 19:37 11 Jun 2004

I'm Cletons' pal and have a machine that is more viable but not the knowledge to sort out the I sugested he post on here...Now I've seen the replies I'll tell him what's here...his machine is 32 meg ram but it states 4meg is something or other ( I've forgotten now I'm back home lol )....It's a lot easier for me to trawl the net....We just need to remove the family photos without buying bits and pieces if we he is thinking about getting a modern machine.
Thanks for help...will report back...probably tommorow...cheers

  wawadave 19:46 11 Jun 2004

if all you need off of the old rig is family photos and nothing else. remove the hard drive from it set its jumper to slave and slave it onto another machine.copy the files you want. remove the drive set jumper back to master put it back in the original machine.

allso in that machine did you look in device manager? any problems showing?

  Ellaine 20:36 11 Jun 2004

What key do I press to freeze the boot up display? doesn't hang around to read! lol

wawadave...Thanks for that...Is it really that simple? ...just wary of messing with stuff as my Athlon 2800 is still new..but I understand XP is much more idiot resistant!!?? lol
I think this may be best route as there are 500 photos and 28/32 meg wont write to disk like mine will (256DDR).

  woodchip 20:43 11 Jun 2004

pause break

  Ellaine 18:00 12 Jun 2004

paperman27, Diemmess, wawadave.....

A BIG THANK you all for your simple to follow answers.....All photos safely on disc (2 copies ) and CDRW installed (jumpers reset )...not yet tested(footie is on now lol ) but we got the photos and am confident that all your info has solved Cletons' problem. Will checkout another RAM stick and no doubt be back when I need to learn some more...Cheers :)

  keith-236785 09:35 15 Jun 2004

Glad to be of help, dont forget to tick as resolved

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