CDRW Installation Query

  Mr Confused 02:38 20 Feb 2005

I was looking for help on the net for installing a second CDRW/DVD combo drive that I have just purchased. I'm am currently trying to sort out the Cable Select, Slave and Master options on the drive.

On the website it says: -

There are 3 options, Cable Select, Slave, and Master.

Selection is done by means of a jumper, the option you choose will depend on your system set-up.

Can please someone tell me what a jumper is???

PS Website page is click here

  ACOLYTE 03:00 20 Feb 2005

The jumper is on the back of the cd/rw drive looks like a small black clip it pulls off so you can set it to mster/slave/cs as needed.

  Derek 05:38 20 Feb 2005

Plenty of information on Google about this but try ....
On the backside of the new CD-RW, fit the jumper to position marked "slave".
Fit the drive in a spare position.
Make sure that your first CD drive has the jumper in the "master" position (I'm sure it is).
Connect the ribbon cable from the motherboard first into the #1 drive and then the other connector on the same ribbon, connect to your new drive. Take care that they are all 'home'.

Connect up a second audio cable if you want the sound to work from this CD drive as well as the #1 drive. To do this you may have to locate a second plug position on the motherboard, some boards have only one but there's a way of overcoming this...let us know if you have problems with sound out.

Connect the power line to the new drive the same way as the #1 drive.

That's it. Fire up the PC and take note of what the monitor says to you !

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