CDRW has pics on it, can i add more?

  whisked 22:18 16 Jan 2004

Or once you have burned onto a disc, is all you can then do overwrite existing data?


  Chegs ® 22:33 16 Jan 2004

If its a CD-RW then you should be able to simply add more(drag&drop),if its a CDR then if its been closed then you cannot add more.

  whisked 22:36 16 Jan 2004

The reason i ask is that i had pics on a CD-RW and wanted to add more. I shoved the disc in, used Nero express choosing add, then selected more pics as i normally do. Having now just checked the disc, i only have the new ones i have just burned. Have i lost the previous ones for good or can i get them back with any sort of software and what did i do wrong?

  Dragon Heart 22:38 16 Jan 2004

You can add / remove more data to a CDRW disc up to about 1000 times, it acts just like a hard drive.

A CD-R however is 'slightly' different, you could put say 590 Mb of data on a disc and leave 60 Mb free but each burn of data takes up a specific amount of space, 24 Mb comes to mind, so the next burn you will only be able to put about 30 Mb of data. Alternatively you could burn 590 Mb of data and then, in effect, seal the disc to prevent any more data being added, once done then that's it.

  Chegs ® 22:46 16 Jan 2004

If your certain they were already there,and you didn't opt to reformat the disc before adding new ones,they should still be there.Put the disc in a CD-ROM and use Windows Explorer to have a look on it.If they have definitely gone,but your still certain they were on it,then there are data recovery tools available online that you can try to recover them off the disc.

  hugh-265156 22:50 16 Jan 2004

burn as a multi session disc and you can keep adding to the disc untill its full.

check in the nero wizard/multisession that you have unticked "replace files in compilation" and ticked "add new files to compilation" otherwise it will just overwrite the previous.

  Chegs ® 22:57 16 Jan 2004

click here

Then download this,its free and should be able to recover most of what was on the disc

  whisked 23:24 16 Jan 2004

Thanks for the responses.

Chegs going to download this now, i'll let you know if it works.

  whisked 12:18 17 Jan 2004

Things not going well with this software.. Every time i try to access the disc in my d drive, it keeps saying 'error finding run' findrun (vcn:5d)

I tried also with some other programmes such as CD RX Data Retriever which you would have to pay for but it recognises all the files i have lost so they are there.

Anyone know how to get past this error message?

  StanH 16:59 17 Jan 2004

I have two discs which I copied all the files from a hard drive on but cannot access them. Whenever I try to open a file I get the message "Can't read file header". I can see all the files on Explorer. Is the PC Inspectoor File recovery programme likely to help me with this?

  Jester2K 17:01 17 Jan 2004

Start your own thread please.

Also i find PC Inspector is error message happy... Prefer to use IsoBuster click here

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