CDRW External?

  wicked willy 00:25 18 May 2004

Hi Everybody, I am thinking of buying an External CDRW , Question is" the CDRW is said to be USB2, as I haven`t any USB2 ports, will the CDRW Work on the USB1 which I have on my PC , O/S is XP Home Edition TIA Bill

  woodchip 00:32 18 May 2004

Is this a laptop

  wicked willy 00:37 18 May 2004

No Woodchip bog Standard tower < What it is for to save my Daughteroin laMother and she has not got a RW only Floppy, To back up her Files before moving over to XP Home Edition The full OS TIA Bill

  woodchip 15:58 19 May 2004

A internal CDRW is cheaper and less problamatic

  stlucia 16:10 19 May 2004

woodchip is right but, if you must go external for some reason (no bays left, or you want to share the drive), then a USB2 device will normally work on USB1 but it will be slower.

To be 100% certain, when you've chosen which one you want, just double-check with its spec. and/or with its supplier or manufacturer before parting with your cash.

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