CdRW & DVD Drive missing after crash

  baroid 13:00 15 Mar 2003

When installing the software for a USB pen drive my computer crashed. on re starting. my cdrw & Dvd Rom drives had been removed from the system and I do not know how to re-install Help would be appreciated

  powerless 13:03 15 Mar 2003

Whats your operating system?


Start > Contol Panel > Add Hardware > Let it scan...

  Acerspades 13:46 15 Mar 2003

I have noticed a similar problem, when any program using the CD drive crashes I lose both drives and need to reboot, I have only noticed this happening since upgrading to DX9, is this a coincidence?

  powerless 14:01 15 Mar 2003

"Operating System windows 98 second edition Dell Pentium 3 128 mb ram I have tried the tip you mention to no avail the system is looking for drivers for a communication bus, but cannot find them(Must be at Lunch)".

hmm...Go back to control panel and click on "system". Then click on "Device Manager".

Are the drives seen there? If they are right click them and remove them.

Then restart and see if that helps.

  powerless 14:27 15 Mar 2003

"I have tried this but the drives are not listed. Under other devices the following are listed with Yellow question marks
PCI Communication Device
PCI System Management bus
And,Unknown device. I presume one of these is the cause of the problem"

OK, do you have CD's for the system, like a restore disc or driver disc? You'll have to reinstall the drivers for these devices...

If you right click them there should be an update driver, when it asks you where should windows look for the drivers also check the box "Windows update" see if that updates the drivers.

It's best if you post to forum with all messages so everyone can them and then offer help. My inbox had an email woohoo :-)

  powerless 15:26 15 Mar 2003

"Yes I have the cds for the system, but as I cannot use the cd drives,... I have tried the windows update, but that comes back with a message unable to find..."

Doh, yes you cannot reinstall the drives because you cannot use the CD drives.


When you start your computer keep tapping the F8 key, you'll now be in what is called the BIOS.

Be very careful here now look for "Primary Master and Primary Slave" Also look for "Secondary Master" and "Secondary slave". These are the computers way of saying there are CD Drives on the computer...If you see your drive then thats good. It may display the drives name. Manufacturer etc...If you cannot see the drive then it maybe a connection within the computer that has come losse (i doubt it has).

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  baroid 18:16 15 Mar 2003

Sorry for the I work on Saturday I had to go Yes the drives are listed in the bios ... what now ?

  baroid 11:52 16 Mar 2003

Still no joy have tried the bios as suggested have tried ammending my hardware profiles, removing old drivers etc, still no joy

  baroid 13:52 19 Mar 2003

Thank You to powerless for your help in sorting out the problem with my drives. I am now up & Running again

  sil_ver 14:10 19 Mar 2003

So how did you resolve your problem?

  baroid 18:06 19 Mar 2003

having tried al the tips given and having no joy,
I called in a friend who knows more about the area than I do, (which would not be hard) as soon as I talk to him I will post the results.... wath this space. Thanks y'all

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