CD/RW Drive will read CD/R but nor CD/RW disks.

  sc00ter 00:46 14 Jul 2003

Hope you can help ... My CD/RW drive can read and write to CD/R disks, but cannot (or so it seems) detect a CD/RW disk when inserted into the drive. The PC keeps promting me to insert media. I have a relatively new machine (2.1GHz Athlon, with separate CD/RW and DVD drives running XP Home.

The CD/RW's I'm attempting to use are 700Mb 1X4X Memorex. I suspect that this brand of CD might not be compatible with my drive, but a few words of wisdom would be very welcome.

Thanks ..


  Valvegrid 07:09 14 Jul 2003

A friend of mine's computer which is 3 years old seems to like Imation disks, but not Sky or Sony disks. But all disks are OK in my 5 year old machine, so your not alone.


For CD/RW disks to be recognised by the PC they first need to be formatted, unlike "normal" CD disks.

It is usual to use a program such as Nero "InCD" which will do all this for you. Once formatted the disk will be seen by the drive and you can read and write to it as often as you like. One word of caution though - Dont forget that if you wish to view this CD on another machine it too needs to have a Packet Writer installed or it simply will not be seen.

  Diemmess 08:36 14 Jul 2003

Emphasising what Smiffy99 says...........The program is different when you are using re-writable media from CDR write once routine.

With Nero it is InCD usually bundled with Nero Burning and Express .......... Roxio has a similar set of programs.

  sc00ter 00:17 15 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone (especially Smiffy & Diemmess) for their advise on using InCD. I duely loaded the bundled copy from my NERO install disk only to find that my drive still won't recognise the CD. I even downloaded the latest version of InCD from NERO (, only to find the same result. When I insert a blank CD-RW disk, the lamp on the drive flickers momentarily, then goes out. The InCD userguide says that once a blank disk is inserted, by selecting cd-rw drive and then write clicking it, I should see a format option. These options don't appear on my machine. It's almost as though the cd-rw drive is empty.

Any more ideas? I'm about ready to chuck this pack of disks in the bin :-(

Thanks again in advance ...


  letni 00:40 15 Jul 2003

I had a similar problem with a Liteon CD/RW drive, it would work perfectly well with CD/R disks but CD/RW disks of any make would maybe work for one or two occasions then they give up. I tried updating the firmware for the drive plus downloading the latest InCD neither of which helped. Nero sent me an e-mail which is to long to print here, of steps to take which I would be happy to forward on to you but in the end I gave up and bought a new CD player

  BillEmm 13:37 15 Jul 2003

Your device will only use 1-4x CDRW disks. Quite few users have bought the newer high speed or latest ultra speed media which just won't work.

Also, it is not true that you have to format CDRW disks before use. This is only required if you want to 'drag and drop' using InCD or DirectCD.

All my backup material is built into 700 MB chunks and is written straight onto CDRWs using the standard burning program.

Time for coffee.


  sc00ter 01:51 16 Jul 2003

Thanks BillEmm for the info on CD/RW disks. The Memorex sort I'm currently trying to use are 1X-4X, although I'm still struggling. I've now attempted to burn via NERO, InCD and Windows Explorer without much luck. My next step is to try different media.

Thanks again for your comments and help.


  BillEmm 13:15 16 Jul 2003

Firstly, my apologies: I misread one of your earlier posts. If you have a moderm Writer then it should recognise High Speed and, maybe, Ultra Speed disks.

It might be useful if you tell us what make of CD Writer you are using. I'm not sure how significant this might be but there has been more than the usual problems with LiteOn of late. Also try a good brand of disk - TDK for example - and see if that is recognised. This subject has already been mentioned, and I can confirm that some brands of CDs are not 'welcomed' but some writers.

I can't speak for the current quality of Memorex CDRWs but a few years back I had to give up trying to use them. Even non-branded products worked OK but Memorex were nothing but trouble.

If another brand of disk does not work then you have to suspect the drive. I did mention TDK but if this manufacturer is not on the writer's list of recommended CDRWs then use one that is recommended.

What does the PC manufaturer say about the problem?

A few more thought.


  Ben Avery 13:29 16 Jul 2003

Somje drives won't read certain discs.

My work PC has a 52x24x52 drive in it and writes CD-R discs without a problem. Same trouble with 1x-4x CD-RW's though. Will not detect or write to them and I've tried TDK and AMTEC(?) as well as SONY.

However, I have a disc which I use for most of my burning (a Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Verbatim) 24x CD-RW) and this is flawless in the drive.

My advice would be to see if you can get hold od a Verbatim disc to try as I findf them the most reliable CD manufacturer.

NOTE: You WILL NOT get a disc made by "Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation" as this is purely made to be bundled with ASUSTEK CRW drives so don't try looking for one. "Verbatim" IS "Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation" under a different name.

Give them a try!


  sc00ter 23:37 21 Aug 2003

Thanks to Ben Avery and lots of other helpful hints, I've managed to solve my CD/RW problem.

Here's the solution. From system manager I identified my drive. Namely a "Genric CDR-BP1700P". I searched the web and found a site which gave me a list of recommended media for the BP1700P - MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL & RICOH. I remembered that Ben Avery in one of my replies had remarked that CD/RW manufacturer MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL was VERBATUM by another name, so managed to get a pack of 10 VERBATUM CD/RW disks from my local Tesco store for around £9.99.

When I put the disk in my burner, it read it successfully.

So thanks again everyone.


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