CDRW drive not recognised following reinstall

  Never again 19:49 11 Oct 2003

I have formatted a hdd and reinstalled windows, which was the subject of a previous thread.

I did not change any of the jumpers or connections on my dvd drive which was the secondary master and my cdrw which was my secondary slave. The bios used to recognise them ok.

Since I unplugged my previous primary master hdd and got the old secondary hdd running win me as the master now, the bios does not recognise my cdrw on post.

I have tried downloading drivers for it and restarting but it still does not exist in post or windows. The drive itself has power and opens ok.

Have I missed something? (silly question)

  Stuartli 20:22 11 Oct 2003

The only driver you need is the standard Windows driver whether for a rewriter or a CD/DVD-ROM drive.

The rewriter should be the Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive the Slave on the same IDE cable.

  Never again 20:27 11 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply stuartli.

As I said above I have not touched the dvd or cdrw setup or cables so I dont understand why it is not recognised.

All I did was unplug the ribbon and power cables on my old primary master hdd and turn my new drive into the primary master by removing the jumper as listed on the drive.

The bios used to recognise them both but now not the cdrw.

  woodchip 20:33 11 Oct 2003

Go into bios and auto detect drives

  Never again 20:40 11 Oct 2003

Hi woodchip.

I've checked this and the bios is set to autodetect. I have not changed any bios settings at all so I don't understand why the cdrw is not detected?

  [DELETED] 20:44 11 Oct 2003

Ensure you havent disturbed the Ide cable at the motherboard end for the Cdrom etc As they Are close together its easily done ,You may find reseating it clears the problem as a cable pertly connected & not noticed can cause all sorts of wierd happenings.

pps . its Not a silly question at all its easy to overlook something..

  [DELETED] 20:47 11 Oct 2003

pertly Bah pertly >PARTLY.. Whats with my typin tonight ..Nah dont answer that !

  MIke 20:48 11 Oct 2003

I've had a similar problem myself, though when installing a cdrw drive into my existing machine, the only way I could get it recognised was by installing it on the primary IDE channel as the master device with the hard drive set as its slave.

The secondary channel has the DVD drive as master and internal zip as slave.

I know this is not the accepted way of wiring things up, but for some reason it's the only configuration that works in my set up.

If I place the cdrw as slave on the primary channel, or as master or slave on the secondary channel it just isn't recognised. BTW It's a RicohMP7200A drive, and Western Digital caviar hard drive.

Hope this helps

  Never again 20:54 11 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone.

I'm going to shut down now and check those cables.

Thanks for your input MIke, but I don't think that this is the problem as it was working ok before, and all I've done is swapped my hdd's.

See you later!!!

  Never again 21:28 11 Oct 2003

Yup - you were right.

The ribbon cable wasn't seated properley.

The only thing is that when I fixed it and restarted windows (me) would not start and froze?

I am supposed to be in safe mode right now but I'm not and everything seems to be working ok so I have created a restore point just in case.

Im going to restart again and continue my marathon reinstall for a while.

I'll let you know.

  Never again 17:59 17 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone - seems to be working ok.

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