CDRW Drawer stuck!

  The Real Fizz 08:57 17 Jul 2004

DOes anyone have any idea how to get the drawer for my CD writer open?
Greatful for any help!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:00 17 Jul 2004

There should be a little hole in the front into which you can pust a paper clicp or similar wire; this releases the catch and it should pop open.

This will work regardless of the machine being powered up or not.

  The Real Fizz 09:09 17 Jul 2004

Well funny you should say that but......out of the 4 CD writers in this house, mine is the only one without a pinhole! Ant other ideas gratefully received!

  Stuartli 09:15 17 Jul 2004

If there isn't a small hole - and you might just have not spotted it - try right clicking on your drive's icon in My Computer and using the menu to Eject.

Anyone using the supplied tool or a bent paper clip to open a jammed CD/DVD drive's drawer should always switch off the system at the PSU first; the reason is obvious but easy to overlook.

  Stuartli 09:16 17 Jul 2004

You have, of course, checked that all the drive's connections, especially power supply, are firm and tight?

  The Real Fizz 09:25 17 Jul 2004

Sorry, have now manages to resolve it by pushing in the CD drawer and pressing the eject WHILST it was rebooting!
Thanks for all your advice though, this is an excellent site!

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