CD_RW disks

  baldyx 18:22 17 Jun 2005

I want to buy a large no of blank CD-RWs . Any one know of a cheaper source on the internet?

  Joe R 18:31 17 Jun 2005
  Diodorus Siculus 18:32 17 Jun 2005 Media CD-R DVD-R DVD+R Blank CDRs Blank DVDs Blank Discs - Free Delivery
click here

  pj123 22:22 17 Jun 2005

What do you class as a "large number".

As Joe R has posted click here
appears to be a good source.

But CD/RWs seem to be going out of fashion now. I haven't used a CD/RW for a long time now. CDRs can be bought for less than 10p each and 4.7gb DVDs around 36p each.

  baldyx 22:33 17 Jun 2005

I am creating VCD on CD-Rw as some dvd players do not support CD-R format for playing.

  pj123 22:59 17 Jun 2005

I may be very wrong here, and possibly way out of my depth but I think you have got it wrong. As far as I know there aren't any CD-Rs only CDRs which should play (as a VCD) on any DVD player. I have made quite a few VCDs using CDRs and have never had a problem playing them on any DVD player (PC based or Standalone) but have now switched to DVDs. Are you sure you mean CD as opposed to DVD?

  baldyx 23:19 17 Jun 2005

Yes, I do mean CD. Also, my DVD player (Sony dvp-ns300 ) does not play cd-roms,CD-Rs,dvd-roms,dvd audio discs and Svcds as specified in the player manual.

I can play videos created on CD-RW AND DVD-RW and film dvds bought from shops.

What are CDRs ? Are they different from CD_Rs,If so I would like to try creating vcd on CDRs .

If CDRs work then fine. Perhaps they are cheaper than CD_RWs.

Most dvd players , I agree does play all formats.


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