professor 11:36 28 Jun 2003

hey ppl

went an got a new CD\RW a few weeks ago,good one too 52x32x52 speed just one isnt seen by any software apart from the software that came with it (Nero Express) and my Adaptec CD\RW eraser doesnt find it either so i cant format any CD\RW discs.

the drive itself is, i think

Justlink, ARTEC WRR-52Z
Firmware version: 1.15

im thinking possibly firmware upgrade...if i can find where to get one..


  -pops- 11:39 28 Jun 2003

What software are you expecting to see your drive?

If it is a new model then software that was issued before the drive was will not be recognised without an update.

Nero (full strength and Express) is most certainly like that. Other programs are likely to be similar.


  DieSse 11:39 28 Jun 2003

Roxio page for drive support - shows which revisions support your drive.

Unlikely to be a firmware revision on a new drive - why do you think it would need one?

  DieSse 11:40 28 Jun 2003

click here

sorry - here's the link

  professor 12:06 28 Jun 2003

the reason for firmware revision theory is because we all know manufacturers have "mass produced models" and the updates are available via download


  professor 12:16 28 Jun 2003

where would i go to get the update for my CD\RW eraser? just install it then update it, right?

as we are on the subject of drives ive got a LG DVD ROM 16x its about 2yrs old and its i figure about time i looked for a firmare upgrade as im sure LG have probably made quite a few improvements on the firmware mine came with.

Firmware reviosion: 1.01


  -pops- 13:12 28 Jun 2003

I can never understand the anxiety of people who seem unable to resist updating this that and the other apparently just for the sake of doing it.

There is always a risk in doing update, especially driver and firmware updates that something may go wrong and you end up with a piece of dead hardware.

If your old LG machine is working and doing what it is supposed to do, best leave it alone. As your new machine lacks modern software, yes, update it but I would think twice before updating it any more once it is going OK.

The only things I update on a regular basis are antivirus, firewall and antispyware - only because the critters that these protect against are constantly evolving. Everything else can wait until I do a re-install or build a new machine. Even the so called "critical" updates from M$ are rarely of importance to my setup(s) and they get ignored as well.

As for the CD\RW eraser, as you have Nero Express, why not upgrade to the full version of Nero? It can be obtained very cheaply and contains all you could possibly want for writing (and erasing where appropriate) CDR, CDRW, DVD, DVDRW.


  fitcher 13:27 28 Jun 2003

often oem come in a plastic cover .why is a driver needed .look in systems and it will say it is there .yes you need nero .but an old nero can be uploaded free to 5.50 ...I always put the cd rom or dvd player at the top of the computer and make it the master the cd writter I place under it .of course it will work the other way around ,I know.. but it is a personal preference ,

  professor 13:28 28 Jun 2003

i update sensibly im not a typical user i do practical but important updates for example BIOS updates gives your system extra stability improved performance and modifications and sometimes faster talking between inner pc components. as for firmware this is the first time ive ever bothered updating it all new firmware is really is something you download and itstall to get the latest bit of kit without actually going and spending £40 to get there. lol


  professor 13:33 28 Jun 2003

are you telling me if i install my old nero 5.0 i can upgrade it for free and be able to format my CD\RW discs with it? if so then great! come back and give the exact details would ya?


  DieSse 19:55 28 Jun 2003

I already gave you the link to the roxio site - what was wrong with that if you have roxio software?

But why would you think there's a firmware update for a unit with the latest spec that you've only just bought? In any case, all you will have to do to find out is look on the manufacturers web site - nobody else is going to have any updates for it.

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