CDRs--some play some wont!

  moby58 09:56 11 Apr 2006

when i burn cdrs in my laptop.they play on some players,but not others....ive tried different brands----makes no difference.could it be the speed i burn them at?help!its very frustrating...most of the players i try are new.they register tracks etc[most times],and sometimes play one track,then go muffled...any ideas/suggestions?!thanks

  gooner321 11:00 11 Apr 2006

Not much you can do here. Certain mfg's machines won't play burnt music CD's. You could try their websites for help but unless you can download a fix (if available) and install on the machine, there's not much else you can do.

  moby58 11:20 11 Apr 2006

so the burning speed will make no difference??

  Aargh 11:47 11 Apr 2006

Depends on the discs/reader - some discs are not compatable with some readers - you might find your CD player doesn't like CDR data discs but is fine with CDRXG audio discs. My car wont read CDRW music discs.

Your discs could just be old or damaged!

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