gudda96 18:52 28 May 2004

I normally use cdr's as they dont cost much and can be used on most appliances.

Today decided to use a CDRW thinking I can edit/delete/add but I tried to rename a file and was told it is reade only.

Can anyone educate me on subject please.

  Graham ® 19:28 28 May 2004

CD-ROM, the ROM stands for Read Only Memory. This seems a contradiction, as you have written to it. But you used a program to do that, normal Windows doesn't know how to do it.

If you wish to rename a file, copy it to the hard drive (I use desktop), rename it, then replace the file on the CDRW.

  canard 20:43 28 May 2004

CDRW not reliable- stored files don't last long. Best to keep using cheap CDRs.

  Mister Splendid 20:48 28 May 2004

I've used CDRWs for a couple of years for back-up, with no problems at all. I now use a DVD+RW, still no problems. My old CDRW back-ups are still perfectly ok.

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