CDROM Not reading copies.

  Smegs 23:55 07 Apr 2004

Good evening everyone. Can anyone explain why this has started to happen? A friend has this pc that the CDDrive will only read proper cd's and not copies. I thought his cd-drive was on it's way out, so told him to get another one. That one will not read copies. Has anyone got any ideas please. Thanks, Shaun.

  hugh-265156 00:44 08 Apr 2004

copies of what?

some discs created using older drives or burning software using different speeds may not read on other newer drives or operating systems.if its a copy of a copyrite protected cd then that may be the problem also.

can you give some more info please?

  Smegs 02:07 08 Apr 2004

huggyg71, it can be of anything. VCD,Games,Drivers or music. It use to read copies. He has 98se, and I have Xphome. I have put the CD drive into my Pc and the same thing happens. If cd's worked before, what has happened?? Beats me. Thankyou.

  Smegs 10:46 08 Apr 2004

Has anyone got an ideas, please.

  ventanas 10:51 08 Apr 2004

What was used to make the copies. eg Nero or Roxio. When the discs were ejected were they made to be read on any drive. If not you will have problems, as you have noticed.

  Smegs 10:59 08 Apr 2004

ventanas, they was made on my xp home pc. Nero. All my disks are made at the slowest speed of x8. Like I said before, the cd-drive use to read copies, not any more. WHY?? I can still read these copies in my cd drive. Is this a software problem somewhere on the Pc, not just the disks.

  ventanas 11:41 08 Apr 2004

You can read them on your machine, using the drive that created them. That should always be the case. Other drives cannot read them. Still think its something to do with the way the discs are formatted or prepared when ejected from the drive. Are we talking cd-r's or cd-rw's here.

I tested this recently. Formatted and copied files to a blank disc at work using Roxio and just ejected the disc without preparing it to be read on any drive. Took it home and my drive (again Roxio) wouldn't read it until I had installed a reader. I think it called it a UBF reader, but can't be sure. Anyway this had also been copied to the CD without my knowing it, so managed to read the disc eventually. I don't know how Nero works as never used it.

  Smegs 12:11 08 Apr 2004

ventanas, thanks for that. The disks copied are readable on my seperate DVD Drive. If the copied disk was readable three weeks ago, by the CD Drive, whats gone wrong?? Me NO idea!!!

  ventanas 12:34 08 Apr 2004

Neither have I now, Unless the discs themselves were from a dodgy batch and have failed. Does happen.

  Smegs 12:39 08 Apr 2004

ventanas, thankyou anyway. The disks are still working on my Pc, but not my mates. No Idea. Never mind. Anyone else please???

  Smegs 17:25 08 Apr 2004

Bump ;-)))

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