CDROM, HDD & Operating System not Found "HELP"

  Giggle n' Bits 22:10 24 Jan 2003

Hello, I recently fitted a Second-Hand HDD and installed Win98Se on it.
I then noticed that the CDROM in my computer had disapeared then on a reboot I got the messege "Operating system not found"
I have tried changing IDE ribbons round and looked in Bios changed some settings and when putting HDD as priamary and CDROM as secondary then save and exit with changes still operating system not found.

Ran out of ideas and searched older posts in this forum with no sucesss after following earlier idea by changing the IDE cables. This is a old computer and Bios is v.04 of a Phoenix dated 1985-1997

Can any of you good peaople out there help PLEASE.

  woodchip 22:16 24 Jan 2003

If you have XP on C:\ that's why, remove the new drive and you will get your original config back. You can only run Win98 on C:\ unless you use something like Partition Magic, or Acronis

  woodchip 22:32 24 Jan 2003

PS you will also need Norton Ghost or Drive Image 2002 to copy XP to the new drive so you can put 98 on C:\

  Giggle n' Bits 22:33 24 Jan 2003

I did remember that when I formatted or did the install I used D:/win98Se or Format C: but now carn't remember.

I have just got the pc to boot into Windows 98Se again ref my other post "Operating system not found".

So I am missing th CDROM

Please cna you explain or guide me how to get the CDROM drive back so it shows in my Computer and is available to use so I can carry on as normal PLEASE.

just want the CDROM Drive back not partioning Drive C:

  woodchip 22:43 24 Jan 2003

Just try disconnecting you new drive, before you do anything else to test what I said. You can easy reconnect the cable

  Giggle n' Bits 00:24 25 Jan 2003

HDD and CDROM were back just HDD now at the 516MB size when the post boot indicates 8,056MB which I think refers to 8GB ? or 4 GB ?

Then the CDROM disapeared from drive again so I am formatting HDD now. And the format is now saying and trying to recover allocation unit and the nubmers are flying through !

Is this putting back the lost GB's ?

Or is going to tell me the HDD is faulty/damaged.

Thanks to all here for your imput, apologise for running x 2 posts but one is linked with this one and tickes will be placed when sorted. If I sort it with your help.

  woodchip 12:11 25 Jan 2003

Windows98 should go on before WinXP

  Giggle n' Bits 13:02 25 Jan 2003

I also do not wish to install Win XP.

  Venus 13:44 25 Jan 2003

I installed a CD rewriter as slave to my HD and it was not 'seen' as a CD, only as another HD. Some systems do not like CD ROMS installed as slaves to the Primary HD. Try installing it on the secondary IDE channel (Controller marked IDE 2 on MB) using a second IDE ribbon cable
Also always install the oldest OS first, then the next oldest and so on and so forth, when setting up dual or multiple boot.

  Venus 13:46 25 Jan 2003

Remember to change the jumper settings on the CD drive from slave to master. It will then be the secondary master. The old CD ROMS didn't mind being slave to the primary HD but the newer ones are best on the secondary IDE channel. They don't mind being a slave to another CD or DVD ROM etc. but not a HD(God only knows why)

  Venus 13:53 25 Jan 2003

Some modern CDs don't mind being a slave to a primary HD, so don't rant at me if yours is OK. I do know that some do not accept this and prefer to be installed on the secondary IDE channel as asingle master or a slave to a CD RW or DVD drive. Try it an see, it worked for me a few times.

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