CDROM drive does not work

  Never again 20:02 09 Feb 2003

I have an Apricot MS series PC that I have been given to play with. It is running a p2 233mhz at 32mb ram and win 98.

The CDROM drive will not read any data/ media at all.

I get the message that D:\ is not accessable - the device is not ready, or it says that there is no media in the drive. clicking retry does not resolve it.

If I right click and select eject then it ejects ok, and the light comes on it at startup. The eject button also works.

In properties it says that the type is cdrom disc and file system fat.

It's listed in the device manageras working properley and the driver is listed as c:\windows\inf\mscdrom.inf

Any ideas please?

  MAJ 20:18 09 Feb 2003

Sounds like the drive is kaput, I'm afraid, Never again.

  Never again 20:25 09 Feb 2003

I was given the pc as it was claimed to be kaput as there was no signal to the monitor, which was the subject of a previous discussion thread (which I cant find to tick resolved)and I fitted a new video card.

The pc seems to be now booting and running ok apart from the cdrom drive. As far as I know the cd drive was working ok before the video problems.

  MAJ 20:30 09 Feb 2003

In my experience of dealing with CD-ROM drives, Never again, when you see "D:\ is not accessable - the device is not ready" and it's not reading any CDs, it usually means it's time for a new drive. You could always try it in another computer to check it out.

  cream. 20:39 09 Feb 2003

You could of course delete it from device manager and then reboot. Windows will renew the drivers.

Worth a try, before you sling it.

  Stuartli 20:39 09 Feb 2003

New CD-ROM drives are around £10 to £15 at present - judging by the specification you list the present one is up to five years or more old.

Adding a new floppy (between £4 and £6) would also probably be a good idea.

Working life of CD/DVD-ROM drives and rewriters is comparatively short as manufacturers' figures will indicate.

  BigMoFoT 20:46 09 Feb 2003

Create a startup disk and boot from it, choose start pc with cd rom support, change to drive letter (probably e: as it will create a ramdrive)

type: dir /s, if you get cdr-101 then drive is definatley 'kaput'

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:52 09 Feb 2003

may just resurrect the drive, inexpensive ,
but just might do the trick, especially if drive hasn`t been used for some time and is full of dust.


  polymath 20:59 09 Feb 2003

Can you hear the hum that cd drives make when they're spinning? If not, it's probably failed. They're amongst the least reliable components. I had the same symptoms as you & it didn't hum (though the light came on briefly), & mine turned out to be kaput. It was easy fitting a new one, which worked touching drivers or settings (it was the same make, just a bit faster).

There's lots of cd troubleshooting advice in the thread 'Has my CD drive died' (June-July 02)

  Never again 21:01 09 Feb 2003

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I've just tried deleting it as the village idiot suggested and it was recognised and reinstalled.

Unfortunately, this did not work. I am going to try bigmofot and technodimits suggestions tomorrow - I am getting nagged by the missus and the kids about the time I'm spending on it.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 21:18 09 Feb 2003

As I mentioned earlier new ones are cheap - it's not worth messing about with a CD-ROM once it's given up the ghost.

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