CDROM Bootup without a floppy drive

  skaggle 13:35 26 Oct 2003

I have an old Tosh Tecra 510CDT laptop that doesn't have an A Drive Floppy. I was obliged to reformat the C Drive and of course this has caused the loss of the CDROM Drive letter (E:)
So, how can I re identify the CDROM without a Floppy Drive.

  AndySD 13:48 26 Oct 2003

Try going into the BIOS (Boot the machine up and hold down the?Esc? key, then press F1 when you get the check system message. You are then in the BIOS Setup and you can make your changes and save and exit by pressing the ?End? key.) and setting the first boot device to cd. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP you can then reload you O/S if on Windows 9X then post back saying which.

  skaggle 14:07 26 Oct 2003

Thanks AndySD.
I thought of that but had no idea how to open up BIOS. Ok its now seeing the CDROM as the 2nd HDD but how the h*** do you break into DOS? I have done this all umpteen times on my desktop without thinking about it, but this laptop seems to have differeny rules.

  DieSse 14:10 26 Oct 2003

You can't get into DOS, or anything else, if you've just formatted the C: drive, as there's now nothing on it.

You will need a bootable CD-ROM that you can start the system up from, in order to install Windows.

  AndySD 14:12 26 Oct 2003

What is the operating system you are trying to load?

  skaggle 14:14 26 Oct 2003

98SE upgrade via W95
error message back : Invalid System Disk, Replace the disk and press any key

  Diemmess 14:16 26 Oct 2003

Don't think you need to "break into DOS" because if you have reformatted your drive and can now "see" your installation CD, a DOS screen is all you have for the present.

If it is an o/s like W98, you can now choose from a menu.

  Diemmess 14:22 26 Oct 2003

Funny how the posts are falling over each other!
Unless you can "borrow" a full version of 98SE you will have to load 95 first-and must have a bootable floppy for that--because of the different file........A floppy for Win98SE will not match an upgrade 98SE CD

  AndySD 14:24 26 Oct 2003
  skaggle 21:02 26 Oct 2003

Still working this - much downloading - my win on cd didn't seem to run.
I'll be back

  skaggle 21:37 26 Oct 2003

Boot cdrom created ok from Dr D's web site - thanks for that Andy.
However, in BIOS I think I misinterpreted the "second HDD" as the CDROM. Its not - its the second partition on the HDD I think.
Thus I still cannot force the laptop into seeing the CDROM. Back to the drawing board.
In any event, all help has been very much appreciated and many thanks for that.

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