c:\drive filling up XP

  logix 14:54 20 Feb 2010

Everyday i am having to run diskcleanup, due to my c drive filling up. the drive seems to add an extra 100mb a day.
What is doing this, and how can i keep it a level size. I have deleted my restore points, i know this can use disk space. But what else could be doing this. i find it really annoying.
without running a disk cleaning program the whole of my drive will eventually become full.

  johndrew 15:08 20 Feb 2010

Have you gone to `My Computer/C:` and right clicked on `Windows`? it should be around the 8GB mark if it is similar to mine (XP Pro SP3).

I had a very large amount of `dross` in the Windows file from updates and RegScrubXP click here was recommended to me. Click on `RegScrupXP Finds Problems` and, when it has finished its scan, `Select All Problems` followed by `Fix Selected Problems`. It clears a lot of space - or at least it did for me.

  VoG II 15:15 20 Feb 2010

I had this once click here

Tracelog click here

  GaT7 15:49 20 Feb 2010

What anti-virus do you use? If AVG, I sometimes find the following folder filling-up: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg9\Dumps. Deleting its contents is safe.

You can also safely delete the contents of the following folder: C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download. It's to do with Windows Update. Last time I checked there was almost 1Gb in there.

Also, like johndrew suggests, you can delete all the Windows Update uninstall folders from the C:\Windows directory, but don't delete the $hf_mig$ folder. You'll need to enable 'Show hidden files & folders' in Folder Options in order to view/delete these folders. G

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