CDR/DVD printers

  Charlie 08:26 17 Sep 2003

Has anyone used a CD/DVD printer such as the TDK or Copytrax Matisse Gold. I would be interested to hear your views on print quality and durability. The TDK is a thermal process whereas the Copytrax uses inkjet to print directly onto the disk surface. Surely it will wear off? Thanks.

  AndySD 09:26 17 Sep 2003

The TDK only prints in small boxes on the cd. The matisse Gold (like most of them is based on an Epon Printer) and the quality is good But if you want it waterproof then use a protection spray like click here

  Charlie 09:36 17 Sep 2003

Many thanks Andy especially for the link to the River site. I didn't realise that CDs now have specially printable surfaces which absorb ink anyway.

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